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Potential of Time

Time has the potential to make one either strong or weak. When time, in terms of the Dasa or transits changes, things change for good or bad. One’s present actions and choices will make one’s future. The right choices combined with Muhurta lead to strong possibilities for successful completion of a task. Muhurta cannot influence destiny but it is an effort—the play of freewill to make things better for the present and thus, a successful future.

Muhurta consists of Panchanga or 5 limbs which include weekday, Karana, Tithi, Nakshatra and Yoga along with the right sign as Ascendant with the strong position of planets and a compatible Dasa to support it.

Muhurta can be had for any major event in life such as the sixteen Samskaras, house warming, construction of house and property-related matters, travel and legal matters, education, visa application, interview, taking medicine, surgery, speculation, launch of new business venture or office premise and any important occasion where the successful completion matters a lot and the stakes are high.

Essential Factors

The following factors are necessary for a good Muhurta

(i) The Karaka or the significator planet for the specific activity and the running Dasa period lord should be well-placed in transit.

(ii) Panchanga Suddhi or a favorable day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana with the strong placement of the Moon.

(iii) The Muhurta Ascendant should not be the. 6th, 8th or the 12th sign from the natal Ascendant or from the Moon-sign.

(iv) The Karaka or significator planet related to the task should not be retrograde or combust. A retrograde planet’s motion is backward so it can she • repetition and delay in completion of the task One can apply the same principle to the Dasa lord and Ascendant lord too.

(v) The nature of the Ascendant (movable, fixed or dual) should be directly related to the nature o: the event. For buying a house, a fixed sign as the Ascendant is welcome and for renting a house, a movable sign would be good.

(vi) Benefics should be in trines and quadrants and malefics in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses.

A Muhurta can be prepared in the same way as the birth chart on the above factors. Checking the running and also the upcoming Dasa in the Muhurta chart is important too, where one can see how the matter is going to evolve.

Astrology is all about being aware. There is the freedom that comes with awareness because with it comes the opportunity to make a choice to avoid mishappenings. Hence by choosing a proper Muhurta one is making a proper choice

Planets and Activities

When the planet related to the task on hand is in dignity in the Muhurta chart, it helps the results. The Karakas or natural significators for different activities are as follows:-

Mars = Matters related to property, Vastu, house-warming, war, conception, sports, adventurous activity and surgery or anything related to blood in the body.

Mercury = Health-related, communication, documentation, education, travel for business or job, signing of agreements, writing, publishing, and account related matters.

Jupiter ~ Marriage, conception, children related, the opening of bank account, starting a new trend, family issues, religious or finance-related activity, education, etc.

Venus = Marriage, love, buying of pets, new luxury items, travel for entertainment, buying jewellery, art, cinema entertainment, beauty-related, etc.

Saturn =  Meditation, spiritual learning, labor, health, work-job, hard work, sanyasa, people-related activity.

Sun and Moon = For all activity. Both should be well placed, forming a good Yoga.

The Panchangas of weekday, Karana, Tithi, Nakshatra and Yoga are also determined by the motion of the luminaries and their distance from each other.



FIVE Limbs


Karaka Planet


7 Days



Energy, vitality, longevity and health

11 Karanas



Material success with task

30 Tithis



Prosperity and relationship

27 Nakshatras



Fruit of task and mental strength

27 Yogas



Fortunes and connections with task

Each limb of the Panchanga is governed by a planet and the element coming under it as shown in the Table.

If the venture relates to buying property then it is for a long duration, as one does not buy property every now and then. Saturday or Thursday can be chosen since Saturn and Jupiter which rule these days respectively are slow in transit and take a long time to complete the cycle.

If the venture is to complete a project, then fast-moving planets like the Moon, Mercury or Venus ruling Monday, Wednesday or Friday respectively would be good. Here, the Karka planet is Mars who rules the energy of the day and should also have the strength in the Muhurta chart.

Similarly, one may take

(i) The right Karana for any business-related matter along with taking care of Mercury, the Karaka;

(ii) The right Tithi and good placement of Venus for any social occasion.

(iii) To ensure the fruitful completion and endurance till the end, one must make sure to take auspicious Nakshatra and see the dignity of Saturn, the Karaka.

(iv) For divine blessings, Jupiter and an auspicious Yoga are of much importance.