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Most people have a mole on their face which they might love or hate but in physiognomy these moles carry a great significance. Moles on the face could be small, coloured, with hair or without hair, and so on.

According to Samudrik Shastra (Physiognomy) and Face Reading, these moles on the face could be the imprints from your previous birth or life, which you carry in your present one.

The moles on face are easily seen and regarded as the obvious while those on other parts of the body are called the hidden. Generally, the hidden moles (such as in the eyebrows, beard, under arms, tongue, hair, etc.) are auspicious and the obvious are inauspicious.

A mole’s meaning depends on its appearance and location. Not all moles are “bad,” but several characteristics determine whether they’re a sign of good luck, including colour, visibility, location/ position and part of the body.



Having a mole on top of your head illustrates good luck and auspices in life all the time. Unless you are bald, you can barely locate this mole. Moreover, having this mole means that if you are having a bad time or day, this mole will be there to save the day.


Forehead moles represent a lot. It indicates average luck but weak connections and bonds with relatives. Moreover, there is a high chance that you might reside away from your home. The settlement will be somewhere far away from your hometown. There would be less or limited support from the superiors at work and elders at home. Overall, you might lead a hard personal life.

For females, a mole on the forehead indicates wealth and good luck in money matters. However, you might confront setbacks in your relationship.

Having a mole in the middle of the forehead shall make you calm and wise. Also, you will be an insightful and hard-working person.

However, a mole on the left side of your forehead foretells that you will possess a selfish personality with immense bad luck.


Having a cheek mole illustrates a lawsuit. You shall perform positive things in life, and your goals will be big but achievable. Getting along with others could be hard for you. Taking ideas from others could be a difficult task to perform. You shall stay a self-centred person with an intense focus on your thoughts. Therefore, as per Face Reading Astrology, it would be great to focus on personal relationships. If your mole is too dark, there is an even possibility of people disliking you.

Moleosophy says that a mole on the left side of the cheek makes the person extremely introverted. Even if you earn great riches, you will be on a spending spree.

There is an even chance that a left cheek mole can make you a person with a short temper.

A mole on the right cheek indicates that you could be a dominating person. However, you will be highly logical and mindful of everything in life.

A cheek mole for females indicates many friends. Females will be influential and possess all skills to accomplish chores of all kinds.


Chin mole signifies stability and affection in a person. You will be caring and emphatic by nature. However, you won't be a big fan of a monotonous lifestyle. You will have new people in your life, and they will interest you outstandingly. Fresh things will always catch your eye, making you a great opportunist. However, on the other hand, a not-so-good chin mole also indicates unstable life.

Without definite residence and purpose, things would be running here and there in your life.

There would be multiple jobs, frequent changes, and house moving.

Post-middle age, possessing such a mole symbolises frustrations and constant tension about children and their life.

An auspicious mole says that you will enjoy stability and prosperity in life.

Good luck will be there, and as you grow old, you shall drift closer to your family.

Also, a chin mole indicates that you will be a travel freak with a knack for exploration.

A mole slightly on the right side of the chin makes the person logical and diplomatically strong.

Having it on the left side of your chin means you are blunt and brutally honest.


A mole between the eyebrows is known as the career place. It indicates promotion and development. A good mole here also means that you shall lead a great professional life. Moreover, our future will be grand, and things will be favourable for your work life.

If the mole is dark, you might confront emotional issues once an adult.

Even though you possess good luck, you might face misfortune because of negligence.

Financial opportunities would be many. Also, you will enjoy wealth and abundance in your life.

Fame will be easy to attract, and you will get recognition for your work effortlessly.


If you possess this one, things definitely will be in your favour. It indicates longevity, wealth, and good luck in the life of the bearer. Such people are responsible. Therefore, your nature would be serious and focused. Not only will you be kind-hearted but a public-spirited person as well.

A good mole there indicates immense help from people around you. However, if it is bad, people will stay at a distance from helping or assisting you.

Managing things will be at your fingertips, and staying organised is something you will love.

If the mole is on the left side of the eyebrow, you might face several difficulties in your life. Moreover, you will become a coward in life too.

However, a mole on the right eyebrow means that your life will be blissful and married life will be happening with healthy kids.


Mole on the eyelids could mean different things depending on their placement. Generally, having a mole on the upper eyelid signifies living without a permanent house. You will roam around a lot from one residence to another. Freedom will be your favourite part.

Having a mole on the lower eyelid could mean romantic setbacks. You might face a lot in your relationship. There could be the presence of a third person.

If the mole is favourable on the upper eyelid, you will be opportunistic and reverse your bad luck into a good one.

Having a bad mole on the upper eyelid means a strong resistance, especially around old people and seniors. It could even make you lose many opportunities.

On the lower eyelid, a mole means worries and suffering from children issues post-marriage.

There would be less affection between you and your spouse. Things might become so bad that it can lead to divorce between you two.

Having a good lower eyelid mole means many children and grandchildren.


A mole in the eye’s corner says you will be a charming person with good luck and close bonds with the opposite sex. In the beginning, the relationship will work great for you. However, as time goes by, things will not work in your favour. Natives having it might see more than one marriage too. Having a mole on the white area of your eye might make you confront a lot in love and relationship.

If you have a good mole, good luck will be there.

There shall be help from opposite sex people at work. There is a high chance that you might confront many interactions with folks of the opposite gender. Women possessing such a mole shall attract men— both are good and bad.


As per face reading, a mole on the nose tip, wing, or area around it indicates that the person is impulsive and witty. You will be short-tempered and perform tasks outrageously. However, what impacts they would cause will depend on the position of the mole and its colour and shape.

A female possessing a mole on the nose indicates great financial prospects and a sane view regarding money matters. For males, a mole on the nose welcomes good luck for wealth. If a mole black in shade pops out suddenly, money is on its way and shall help you shortly.

On the tip of the nose, a mole indicates that the person will be impulsive. He would make decisions impulsively, and hastiness would be immense.

However, on the other hand, the same mole also indicates profits from everywhere.

If you own a mole on the lower end of the nose tip, there is lust in you and that will break your marriage multiple times.

A nose mole on the right side of the nose signifies that wealth would be in your bag with minimum struggles.

However, having a mole on the left side illustrates that there shall be immense struggles, and the person would be unlucky in his deeds and works.

If you possess a mole below your nose, it shows sensuality and draws the attention of the opposite gender without much effort.

Furthermore, having a mole on the side of the nose makes you a frivolous person with a drifted mind. Such a mole influences your career development.

Also, a mole on the side provides you the capability to win others' trust effortlessly and own a stable economic situation.

With a good mole, you will be immensely lucky in your career and have strong adaptability too.



Having a mole above the mouth means that the bearer shall give birth to twin babies. If the mole appears on the right it is called a philtrum mole. For men, it creates issues with women in their life. As for females, it will push many unresolved issues with their spouses.

Natives with this kind of mole possess a poor capability of adaptation. You wouldn’t like living a free life.

If the mole above your mouth is good, it signifies good luck. You must not worry about food and clothing, as you will have a spiritual life full of abundance.


A mole below the mouth indicates long life. You will shift from one place to another.

If a good mole below means comfortable living. However, having one right in the centre means that you will be a person with a weak will but a decisive attitude and thoughtfulness.


Moles could be on the upper and lower lips. Sometimes, people possess a mole on the lip lining as well. A mole on the upper lip makes the person sentimental. Such natives keep others over themselves. For people having a mole on the lower one makes them family-oriented people with great cooking skills. Also, a mole on either side of the lip makes you a big foodie. Not only will you be ambitious in your life, but enjoy life to the fullest as well.

The mole on the upper side of the lip makes the person immensely attractive. Such people make other people feel good. Hence, they have many friends and great company.

However, on the other hand, these people might get triggered easily, and the same thing would harm their health.

Having one on the lower lip makes the person busy and full of schedules.

But, seeing the other side of the story, you will be popular with natives of the opposite sex and get into a relationship easily.


A mole on the ear of the natives makes a person's good fortune. These people are talented and blessed. They are quick-witted and seize great luck in their life. People with this mark succeed in their lives and possess personal wealth at later ages of their lives.

With an unlucky mole, you will have a wayward persona.

A mole behind the ear could mean a little different from the above-mentioned traits. If the mole is on the upper side of the ear, you shall have a poor bond with your parents.

Having a mole (behind) in the middle part will constantly remind you of being used or taken advantage of.

On the lower part, a mole behind the ears and poor luck regarding money.

A mole on any part of the ear helps you lead a luxurious life with all sorts of comfort and feasibility.

On the tip of the ear, having a mole means you will be full of intellect and wit.


Having a mark on either side of the temples indicates that the person shall get sudden gains. Moreover, you will marry a beautiful partner who will be wise and understanding. Moreover, a black shiny mole there also means there will be immense luck for you if you move away from your native land— going abroad. You will also get great help from people around you. Travelling will profit you. However, an inauspicious mole there will create setbacks in travelling or performing any trading or business outside your land.


A mole on the tongue signifies many things. Having one on the tip of your tongue means that you are gifted with persuasion and gabbing power. You will be intelligent, however, diplomatic in your tonality. Your love for food will be unmatched. If you have an unlucky mole, you might confront speech and health-related problems with many obstacles. However, a lucky mole will make you someone who knows how to manage situations well.


A mole on the neck makes the native a person with patience and intelligence. The meaning of a mole on the neck for females also signifies that you will be clever and hardworking. Also, such a mole, in general, makes the person fulfil their dreams with utmost focus and devotion. You will be an extremely dedicated human but picky about choices in life.

When choosing a partner, such natives become selective about their relationship and love life. Moreover, their preferences in person would be strong and polite.

Having a lucky mole on your neck makes you someone with a wise decision-making person.

It is also believed that a lucky mole here shall provide you with the gift of a melodious voice with soothing abilities.

A mole on the back side of the neck makes the person extremely aggressive. You will be temperamental and might behave outrageously even on simple things. Also, a bad mole there might make you anti-social. However, a good one will help you settle well post-marriage.

Mole on Head Top

A mole on the head top symbolizes the lifelong good luck envied by others. This kind of mole is hard to spot unless the head is bald and it can always turn ill luck into good and save the day.

Mole on Forehead

It suggests the average luck, weak relationship with relatives, high possibility of being away from hometown, limited support from elders and superiors, and hard life. If the mole is located right at the centre of the forehead, however, it indicates the mental maturity, no shortage of material things, peaceful and happy later years. For women, such a mole represents the good luck for wealth and setbacks in love relationship.

Mole on Cheek

A mole on cheek indicates the lawsuit. People with such a mole are very positive in doing things and they can achieve goals on their own. While getting along with others, they seldom consider others' minds and tend to be self-centred, thus need to pay more attention in interpersonal relationship. If the mole is in bad type, it suggests the high possibility of being disliked by people around.

Mole on Chin

A Gray or bad shaped mole on chin symbolizes the unstable life without definite residence, either frequent job hopping or house moving. After middle age, people with such a mole will see frustrations and worry about children's problems. If the mole is in good type, it suggests the people will enjoy stable life, good luck and prosperous family as they grow older.

Mole between Eyebrows

In physiognomy, the space between eyebrows is called the Career Palace, which symbolizes one's career development and promotion. A good mole here suggests the grand career in the future. If it is a dark bad mole, however, it indicates the serious marital or emotional problems around the age of 28.

Despite the good luck, people with such a mole are prone to misfortunes caused by negligence. Therefore, they should never be complacent when the good luck comes.

Mole on Eyebrow

A mole on eyebrow is highly auspicious as it suggests the good luck for wealth and longevity. This kind of people are serious, responsible, kind-hearted, public-spirited and talented in show business. If the mole is good, it indicates the help from others; if the mole is in bad type, it suggests the limited assistance from brothers.

Mole on Upper Eyelid

In general, a mole on the upper eyelid represents the life without definite residence and frequent house moving because they like freedom. If the mole is good, it suggests the person can take advantage of opportunities and turn the ill luck into bad. If the mole is bad, however, it indicates the resistance against boss or elder will lead to the loss of opportunities for development.
Mole on Lower Eyelid

A mole on the lower eyelid is a symbol of setbacks in love relationship, so special attention shall be given to the presence of a third party in a relationship. Also, it suggests the person will often worry or suffer from children's issues after getting married, which will affect the husband-wife affection, even lead to divorce.

If the mole is good, it represents many children and grandchildren.

Mole on Outer Corner of the Eye

Such a mole suggests the person is very charming and has quite good luck with the opposite sex throughout the life. At the very beginning, the relationship goes well but it generally won't last long and the first marriage is often thwarted. If the mole is in good type, black and bright, it suggests the good luck and help from opposite sex in the career requiring many interactions with the opposite sex. Women with such a mole will attract men, either good or bad, for no reason and they should identify clearly.

Mole by the Side of Nose

Usually, a mole by the side of nose indicates the frivolous personality and people with such a mole are drift-minded, which will affect the career development. They tend to win others' trust easily, have unstable economic conditions and squander. If the mole is very good, it symbolizes the good luck for career and the strong adaptability. After middle age, they will have better luck and lead a peaceful and happy life.

Mole on Nose Tip

A mole on nose tip is a sign of profits pouring in from all sides. For a man with plump nose wings and thick nose tip, an obvious mole on the nose tip suggests the good luck for wealth. If a black mole pops up suddenly, it indicates the wealth will come in the near future. A mole at the lower end of the nose tip symbolizes several times of marriage and divorce caused by lust; also, it is a sign of bad luck for wealth. A mole on the nose wing represents the financial loss.

Mole above the Mouth

People with a mole above the mouth may give birth to twins after they get married! For women, a mole right on the philtrum may suffer dystocia. Besides, this kind of people have poor ability of adapting to the environment and live an unfree life. If the mole is in good type, however, it represents the extremely good luck in salary, no need to worry about food and clothing, and the abundant spiritual life.

Mole below the Mouth

A mole below the mouth suggests the lifelong drifting from place to place. Therefore, people with such a mole are not suggested to purchase real estate even if they are rich. If the mole is in good type, it indicates the comfortable life. If the mole is right in the centre below the mouth, it suggests the person is weak-willed but thoughtful and decisive.

Mole on Upper Lip

People with a mole on the upper lip are sentimental and always consider for others. They are very attractive and make others feel good, thus have many friends! Also, they tend to have good salary and are often treated by others. But they should beware of overeating which is harmful to health.

Mole on Lower Lip

People with a mole on the lower lip are family-oriented and good at cooking. Being particular about eating, they are more likely to be gourmets but generally lead a busy life. In love relationship, they are very popular with the opposite sex and may easily get into a love polygon.

Mole on Ear

A mole on ear is a sign of good fortune! People with such a mole are talented, quick-witted and blessed; they can seize the good luck, succeed easily and get a lot of personal wealth in the future. The mole in bad type, however, suggests the strong self-awareness and bad luck caused by the wayward personality.

Mole behind Ear

This kind of mole appears behind the ear. If it is on the upper part, it suggests the poor relationship with parents; if it is in the middle, it reminds being taken advantage by others; if it is on the lower part, it indicates the poor luck for wealth in life.


A mole on the forehead is a sin of prosperity. However, the meaning changes with the position. If the mole is in the middle, then it represents wisdom. If you have a mole on the left side, then it represents bad luck while a mole on the right side will make you a good partner in a marriage as well as a business and will also bring lots of fame and success.


A mole on the chin signifies that a person is affectionate and caring. Also, it means a balanced and successful life. These people aren't a big fan of monotony and love change and travelling. They always want to be surrounded with new people and want to visit new places. If you have a mole on the right side, then you are a diplomatic person whereas a mole on the left side signifies honesty.


In many countries, a mole on the cheek is a sign of beauty. A mole on the right side represents that you are a caring person and your loved ones feel safe around you. On the other hand, a mole on the left cheek denotes that you are an introverted person and prefer to have a small group of friends. These people will prefer to chill alone than to hang out at a party.


People with moles on their lips are comparatively more ambitious than their counterparts. If you have a mole on either side of the upper lip, then it means that you are a big foodie. On the other hand, a mole below your lower lip means you are interested in theatre and acting.


If you have a mole on your temple, then it means that you might have a sudden marriage or a sudden loss in business. And if you have a mole on your right side, then it means that you might have an early marriage and an unexpected arrival of money.


A mole on the nose denotes that you are a person with high self-respect. A mole on the nose means that you are short - tempered. People with a mole on the right side of the nose means that they are quite passionate and seek more sexual activity. While, a mole on the right side of the nose denotes struggle.