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Collected By Prof. RISHABH SHASTRI

Collected By Prof. RISHABH SHASTRI

1)The rules enumerated here have been applied throughout in all the HOROSCOPES which I have come in my way and some of them being given as examples to prove a rule or two in this first ever book of mine.
2) The Lagna should be seen for transits. I do not use the Chandra Kundali as I have found the transits always working with stunning precision from the Lagna itself than from the Chandra Lagna .
3) However, the stronger of the three Lagnas, viz the Lagna , the Chandra Lagna and the Karakamsha Lagna can also be used for transits as a second option. ( I use
Shri K.N. Rao’s method of making the same sign as Karakamsha Lagna  in the Rashi chart which is occupied by the Atma Karaka in the Navamsha Chart).
4)    The planetary Movements/Transits or Gochar of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are used for timing of events.
5)  The functional lords are used and not the karakas (Significator) as are used in the
“Bhrigu_Nandi_Nadi” which I have explained in some details in the earlier chapters.
6) When Saturn transits the 8th, 6th and the 12th lords negative events, situations leading to problems occur for the native. I have observed and as a matter of fact, these are very trying times in a native’s life..  
7)  When Saturn transits 1st, 5th and 9th lords there will be huge positive upliftment in the native’s life.
8)  When Saturn transit the 4th lord there will be change of residence. The native also gets opportunities to go to distance places. There will also be changes or modification in the office or place where the native work.
9) When Saturn transits over the 7th lord marriage for unmarried person and if already married good tidings for the native’s spouse can be Safely predicted.
10) So is the case when Saturn transits the 3rd lord for siblings and the 9th lord for father, higher studies, and travel abroad.  
11) When Saturn transits the 6th, 8th and the 12th  house for any Lagna, malefic situations will arise in the native’s life.  The period of about two and half years of Saturn's transit will bring tears in the native's eyes except for those periods of respite when it retrogrades to the previous house.
12) The occurrence of bad events in the malefic houses should be taken in this order. In terms of personal sufferings, Saturn Transit on 8th house is the worst, in the 12th house it is worse and in the 6th house it is bad. To put it in another way the 6th house transit is bad, the 12th house worse and the 8th house worst. It is only the comparative degree of greater or lesser suffering during Saturn transits in these malefic houses, but suffering there is all right.
13) It has been observed that whenever Saturn transits a house where there are more than three planets very important events will unfold in a native’s life.
14) Where Jupiter transits the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Lagna the native loses power. However, Jupiter’s transit over the 6th lord, 8th lord and 12th lord offers protection as he mitigates the negative events from happening or manifesting.
15) We now come to Rahu’s transit. If Rahu were to transit a house or a lord there will be difficulties in those area even though it could be a Raj-Yoga house or a Trine/Trikona or Kendra lord.
16)  In the same way wherever Ketu transits there will be sudden changes in those areas. For example, if it is transiting the 4th house then one can safely predict sudden changes for 4th house significances or the 4th Bhava.
17)  When both Saturn and Jupiter, either transit or aspect the houses then important events for that bhava will manifest. Simply said it is the double transit or double aspect of these two powerful planets on a single house. For Example, Saturn and Jupiter were transiting Cancer/Karkat and Virgo/Kanya respectively during the year from 26th May, 2005 to 27th, Sept. 2005. So, we can take Saturn's 3rd aspect on Virgo/Kanya where Jupiter is transiting is double transit and also Makara as Saturn's 3rd and Jupiter’s 5th,  Both cast their aspects on this sign. Summing up by way of an example taking a person with Aries/Mesha as his Lagna, there will  be significand events occurring in his 6th house (Kanya) and his 9th house (Makara) employing the above rule. This is to be carried forward in the same way for other Lagna too. For a Gemini/ Mithuna Lagna the person his 4th house and 8th receive the double transit effects.
18) When Saturn transits the 1st, 5th and 9th house from any lord important changes will take place in relation to that lord.
19) Wherever Saturn and Jupiter see a Dasha lord or a Bhukti lord then also important events will take place.
20) Saturn transiting natal Rahu and Rahu transit over natal Saturn will produce pain and agony for a native. This will last for the one and half (1.5) years duration of Rahu transit in a house.
21) When Jupiter transits Natal Ketu and Ketu transiting Jupiter will bring about religious inclinations. The native is inclined towards things spiritual at the point of time in his life. We often hear about people suddenly visiting temples and undertaking pilgrimages while close ones swear that the native never ever visited temples and has now changed suddenly. Now, you know it is all due to Ketu or Jupiter's transit on each other.
22)  When Saturn transits Natal Jupiter very important events will happen.  
23)  When Saturn transits natal Ketu the native has to be careful of negative events.
24)  Whenever Saturn or Jupiter goes into the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th house for any Lagna  or See any of these houses in aspect they will not bestow positive results.
25) The reverse is true in case of the Trine/Trikona houses, Saturn or Jupiter in transit or by aspect in 1st, 5th and 9th houses from Lagna will give positive results.
26) All the above Rules can be applied in divisional charts also just as we do for the Rashi  or Main Natal chart.
27) In the divisional chart, if the planets whose Dasha or Bhukthl is seen by both Saturn and Jupiter Applying the double transit theory then all important events signifying the divisional chart is bound to manifest.
28) Other rules like Ahtak-Varga etc. are not used much except to determine the strength of impact or progress, Positive or Negative, as the case may be, depending on the score in any particular House or Bhava.
29)  In “
Kala-Chakra Dasha”,  if transit Saturn takes a 6th, 8th or 12th position from the Dasha Lord then also negative events will manifest for the transit period during such Dasha period.
30)  Natal Jupiter or Natal Saturn when transited by Saturn or Jupiter respectively foretells of a time or changes in the life of the native.  
31) Whenever transiting Saturn and Jupiter by conjunction or Aspect make contact with  majority of Natal planets (Can be a Mixed of Functional Benefic and Malefic) then it's a sure-shot sign of major changes in the native's life.
32) Whenever a majority of planets in a horoscope are transited or aspected by Saturn and Jupiter at the same time very important changes will occur for the lords those planets represent in a native's chart.
33) Whenever Saturn. Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu collectively see a Lord at the same time here also very Important changes will happen for that lord's significance.
34) Whenever Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are  conjoining or aspecting the 5th, 7th or 9th houses at the same time then also important events will manifest for that lord's significance.
35) Digressing slightly from “Transit”, I wish to stress that during a native's Rahu Dasha one should judge the horoscope not only from the Lagna but also from the Chandra Kundali and Karakamsha Kundli too, for accurate results.

N.B. See the given 15 Birth Charts with illustration by Applying the above Rules for Easy understanding.