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According to Vedic Astrology, A Yoga is a special combination and relationship between a planet to planet, planet to Rashi (Zodiac Sign), or Bhava (House) to another in terms of Aspects, Conjunctions, and Placements. Even the same relation and combination Found in Varga Chart (Divisional Chart). In other words, we can say that a Yoga is the special combination and consideration of the Planets that creates special effects by their directional impacts and Creates a Benefic or malefic Effects on the Native’s life. 

In Vedic Astrology, there are thousands of auspicious and in-auspicious yogas. Many great Indian Astrologers like Dr. B V Raman and great Bengali astrologer Late Shri Harihar Majumder (Jyotish Yoga Sanchayan, Bengali Version), Late Ganapati Sarkar (Shubha Aushubha Yoga) and others great astrologers of India classified yoga in different categories or groups for the convenience of astrologer such as Moon or Lunar Yoga, Sun or Solar Yoga, Nabhas Yoga, Pancha Maha-Purush Yoga, Dhana Yoga, Daridra Yoga, Raj Yoga, Sannyasa Yoga, Adhi-Yoga and also there are some SPECIAL JAIMINI YOGA as per Jaimini Astrology principles.  

Generally the SUN, the MOON and Other Five Planets are responsible for the Yogas in astrology. These planets are responsible for STRENGTHENING or WEAKENING the horoscope of the person in terms of yoga and creates a great impact on the native’s life. The effects/results of these Yogas are bestowed in their respective Dasha and Antar-Dasha (Main Period, Sub-Period and Sub-Sub-Period).


According to Vedic astrology, the most powerful yoga is the RAJA YOGA. But there are some SPECIAL YOGAS  those are equally important. Like Pancha-Maha-Purush Yoga, Gaja-Keshary Yoga, Ayur Yoga, Dharma-Karma-Dheep Raj Yoga, Adhi-Yoga, Chatu-Sagar Yoga and Akhanda-Samrajjya Yoga etc. So, when this yoga is free from the malefic impacts of the trine lords, lords of the ninth and the tenth house, or lords of the fourth and the fifth house, or associated with Benefic lord and Atma-kakaraka  it creates auspicious effects in the horoscope of the person.


How does a Yoga Give Results in a chart ?

Yoga in a birth chart can be seen at the time of birth of a person. These Yoga in horoscope come from the various combinations as explained above and mostly these yogas are a result of person's past life(s). Once any Yoga gets formed or appear in your horoscope, you cannot change it. Yoga in a horoscope can be BENEFIC (Good/Auspcious)  or MALEFIC (Bad/In-Auspcious). Yoga does not mean only good Yoga but can be bad Yoga also. But we get the results depend on how do you apply your "free will" in the present life. "Free will" is your Karmas of present life and it is in your hands to activate good yogas to get best results from them. Same way, it depends on your karmas how to keep the bad Yoga in your birth chart pacified or de-activated.

One should never get papmered seeing auspicious Yogas in a horoscope. The same way, negative Yoga (Dosha) cannot keep a person cursed throughout the life.

All Yogas in  a Horoscope can be good or bad which comes from your own deeds of previous births. We get results from these Yoga in our birth chart. Therefore, it depend on how we apply our free will in the present life. Any Yoga in horoscope and its results have a direct relationship with your Karmas. Performing only rituals to overcome these effects may not work fully.

Effects and Fructification of Yoga

Fructification of any yoga in the birth chart depends on the following conditions. Such as --

1) Whether the planets in conjunction with which the Yoga /Dosha is created are within close degrees.

2)Whether the Yoga is aspected by another  benefic planet

3) Whether the planets forming the yoga in Navamsha are weak or strong

4)Whether the position of planets causing the said Yoga has changed in Bhava Chakra

5) According to degree whether planets creating yoga are strong or weak in Bhava Chart.

6) The planet or planets that created the Yoga are in auspicious or inauspicious conjunctions.

7) Whether the planet creating the yoga is in Swakshetra, Moola-Trikona, Exalted,  debilitated (Neechasta), Combust or in Enemy or Mitra House/Rashi.

8) Whether Lagnapati (Lagna Lord), Yoga karaka, Atmakaraka, Bhagya Pati and Karma Pati ( 9th & 10th Lord) are strong or weak

9) Whether planets creating yoga may refute a yoga as per astrological principles and scriptural interpretation.

10) Yoga results are bestowed during the Dasa-Antar-Dasa and Gochara of planets, --— Cross check whether the yoga is fruitful/nullified or not.

N.B. All these factors must be judged to get the actual results of the yoga obtained in the Horoscope. Only then one can be sure about obtaining the results of yoga. Otherwise, even if there are multiple auspicious or inauspicious yogas in the horoscope, it will not be effective and fruitfull in the native’s life time.

Here is a COLLECTIONS OF 300 ESSENTIALS YOGA to help the “Astro-Learners and as well as Beginners’ and Professional Astrologers’”.

Here is the Simple and Handy READY RECKONER OF 300 ESSENTIAL YOGA. 




1) When Jupiter is the lord of the 5th or the 11th house in a natal chart and rulers of the 2nd, 9th and 11th houses from the Moon are strong or are placed in Kendra or quadrant houses.  Then Akhanda Samrajya  yoga is formed.

 N.B. This Yoga can occur only in four Lagna or Ascendant, Such as Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus.

2) This yoga can also be formed when Jupiter is placed in 2nd, 5th or 11th house (but not weak or debilitated) and lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th houses are in Kendra from Moon.

Akhand Samrajya Yoga and Navamsha

But this is not all, you must note Navamsha chart and check how strongly the planets are connected with both in Natal chart and in Navamsa chart as well.

We should not jump to conclusion seeing this yoga in horoscope and predict great result; the planets should be overall strong for Akhand Samrajya Yoga OR any yoga to get fully activated.


If Jupiter is placed in 2nd or 5th house and Mercury or Venus are aspecting Jupiter then Kalanidhi yoga forms in one birth chart.
- 2nd house stands for stocks, shares, kind of investments and wealth generation through investment.

- 5th house stands for higher learning.

- Mercury stands for education, good communication skills, sharper mind.

- Venus stands for happiness, creative intelligence.

- Jupiter stands for luck, spirituality, higher learning, long journeys.
The native  will be highly lucky and  highly educated, Spiritual, Softer and have good communication skills, Earn wealth through investments., Take right decision at right time. He/she will be optimistic and happy.
N.B. If stronger malefic planet aspect on 2nd or 5th house, then good effects of this yoga will be minimized to some extent.
The results will be fruitful during (particularly) Jupiter Dasha or Antar-Dasha. And also when Jupiter comes to natal position in the chart and aspect them during transit.


Vidyut means shining, lightning, or glittering. Thus, this yoga generally bestows auspicious impacts on the life of the natives and lets them shine in terms of gains and profits. This yoga lets the people stand out amongst the crowd. A Vidyut yoga forms when the lord of the 11 house is exalted and conjoins with planet VENUS and the two fall at an angle from the ascendant lord.

Yoga’s Name


General Results of The Yoga


Gajakeshari Yoga

Jupiter in Kendra from Moon

Gajkeshari Yoga hints that you may have a number of relatives in your life span. In terms of personality, you would be someone who is generous and cares about people in his/her vicinity. You are destined to accomplish development work as a higher authority like a magistrate. This Yoga ensures you a lasting reputation even long after death.


Sunapha Yoga

Any planets, except Sun, in the second house from the Moon.

Sunapha Yoga indicates that you will be the proud owner of several properties which will be earned by you through your perseverance and good decisions. You will be extremely rich and have the luxury of living the life of a king. When it comes to your personality, you are intelligent and rarely make bad decisions. Your reputation will be on par with that of a reputed ruler.


Anapha Yoga

Any planets in the twelfth house from the Moon.

Anapha Yoga suggests that you will enjoy a healthy life with well-formed and properly functioning organs. In terms of your appearance and physique, you will be majestic. By nature, you are polite and generous due to which, you are highly revered. You also have a good reputation which is bolstered through your self-respect and your astute sense of fashion. However, you will experience renunciation and be noted for your austerity in the twilight of your life.


Dhurdhara Yoga

Planets on either side of the Moon.

Dhurdhara  Yoga indicates that you will live a life that is filled with generosity and warmth. You will be blessed with a substantial amount of wealth which will allow you to donate or help others when required. In terms of your personality, you will be known for your kindness and charitable nature. You will also acquire fame, power and reputation in your life. Further, your life will be characterized by the conveyances of kindness and wealth.


Kemadruma Yoga

No planets on both side of the Moon.

Kemadruma Yoga indicates that you might be an individual who is associated with sorrow and unrighteous deeds. You will likely be considered dirty in a practical sense and people might try to stay away from you in the fear of being scammed or hurt in some way. Your indulgence in unfair deeds will push you towards poverty which will also lead to your dependency on others to make a living. In terms of your personality, you are likely to be considered a rogue and a swindler.


Chandra Mangala Yoga

Mars conjoins the Moon.

Chandra Mangala Yoga indicates that you might be an apathetic person who indulges in unscrupulous works. It is possible that you might sink to a degree where you won’t think twice before using women to your profit. This might even include human trafficking. Your lack of respect for yourself and others will make you violent which makes it likely for you to mistreat your mother. You might even cause trouble to her and your relatives.


Adhi Yoga

Lagnadhi and Chandradhi-- Both are considered. 

Benefics are situated in sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the Moon.

Adhi Yoga indicates that you are a polite and trustworthy person. People like to be around you due to your uplifting nature. You will prosper in your life and accumulate a considerable amount of wealth. You tend to live a life ornate with luxury and affluence. There will be a lot of happiness in your life and you will enjoy a healthy life as well. When it comes to your enemies, they will have a hard time coming against you as you will come out victorious against them. Your life will also be substantially longer owing to your healthy lifestyle and good overall health.


Chatussagara Yoga

All Kendra’s occupied by the planets.

Chatussagara Yoga indicates that you will earn the respect of your peers and everyone around you through your work. Your good reputation will be well-earned and on par with a ruler. Your healthy habits dictate that you will be very healthy and go on to live a long life, while your hard-working nature will bring you prosperity and grace. Your name will and reputation will also travel far and wide. When it comes to your family, you will be blessed with good children.


Vasumathi Yoga

Benefics occupy the upachayas 3, 6, 10, or 11 either from the ascendant or from the Moon.

Vasumathi Yoga hints at your hard-working nature. Your diligence and knack for doing what is important to you will turn you into someone who is revered by society. Your perseverance will also bring you wealth and prosperity, along with the freedom of lavish expenditure and independence in life. Your wealth will also allow you to help others when they need you most which might give you a purpose in your life.


Raja-Lakshana  Yoga

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Moon should be in Lagna or placed in Kendra.

Raja-Lakshana  Yoga suggests that you will be an individual of great stature who has terrific qualities ingrained in him/her. You will be revered by your peers and your seniors as well. You will not only be endowed with a good personality but also a good physique. When it comes to your appearance, you will be extremely attractive. You will also carry yourself with great respect for yourself and others and you will be deemed as someone with a high personage.


Vanchan Chora or Vachan  Bheethi Yoga

The Lagna is occupied by a Malefic with Gulika in a trine: or Gulika is associated with the lords of Kendras and Thrikonas; or the lord of Lagna is combined with Rahu, Saturn or Ketu.

Vanchan  Chora or Vachan Bheethi Yoga points at an individual who is unusually suspicious. Your actions and personality will bring suspicions towards you which can make your life extremely difficult. The constant fear of being judged will make you extremely untrusting and phobic. You will find it difficult to mingle with people as well as you are afraid of being cheated, swindled or robbed. To add insult to your injury, you are also likely to experience huge material losses from unexpected channels.


Sakata Yoga

Moon in 12th, 6th or 8th house from Jupiter.

Sakata Yoga indicates that once you lose your fortune and then you tend to retrieve it. In the matter of identity, you are ordinary and insignificant. Furthermore, you will be suffering from lot of things such as poverty, privation and misery. Also, you are more likely to be pretty stubborn and your relatives mostly hate you.


Amala Yoga

10th from Moon or Lagna should be occupied by any benefic planet

The person possessing Amala Yoga indicates that they will be achieving lasting fame and reputation. They are believed to have a spotless character. Also, apart from all these things, they will be leading a prosperous and healthy life.


Parvata Yoga

6th or 8th houses should be either unoccupied or occupied by benefic planets.

The Parvata Yoga a person specifies many diverse characteristics. Some of the main characteristics of the person are wealthy, prosperous, charitable, humorous and the head of town or village. These are the qualities of a leader. Also, they will be extremely passionate.


Kahala Yoga

Lords of fourth and ninth houses in Kendras from each other.

If you have Kahala Yoga, there are most chances that you are stubborn all the time. Talking about your inner individuality, you are mostly not well informed yet are very daring. Also, you are most likely to be the leader or head of a small army and number of villages.


Vesi Yoga

Planets other than Moon occupy 2nd position from Sun.

The Vesi Yoga points out at some interesting features in a person. You tend to be extremely fortunate as things always fall in your lap easily and are not liable to any misfortunes. Further, you are known to be very happy and also, try to make everyone around you happy. Considering your personality, you tend to be virtuous and ethical. This means that you don't encourage disbelieving and are true to your morals. Over your life span, you will be exceptionally famous and aristocratic.


Vasi Yoga

Planets other than Moon occupy 12th position from Sun.

The Vasi Yogas pretty similar to the Vesi Yoga. If you have Vasi Yoga, there will be tons of happiness and pleasure in your life. You are not someone who will get upset over small things and sometimes over big things too. You will be prosperous throughout your life. No matter what happens, you will always tend to be flourishing. Considering your special traits, you are very much liberal and you can almost tolerate everything that comes across you. Lastly, you are the favourite of all the ruling classes.


Oobhayachari Yoga

Planets other than Moon are on either side of the Sun.

The person having the Oobhayachari Yoga will be an eloquent speaker. You will have an awe-inspiring talent in speech and everyone listening to you will agree to whatever you say. You will have well-proportioned limbs which allow you to have full-fledged extremities. You tend to be delighted by everything around you, even if it any smallest thing. Everyone who knows you and even meets you for the first time is impressed by you. In conclusion, you will be exceptionally wealthy and famous.


Hamsa Yoga

Jupiter occupies a Kendra of his own house or exaltation sign.

The person having the Hamsa Yoga denotes that they will be having a lot of fascinating physical attributes. Your legs will be indicating four different styles such as the conch, lotus, fish and ankusa. You will be having a handsome body. As mentioned earlier, you will be slightly more attractive than the rest of the people. Everyone around you will absolutely love you and your personality. Your morals will be strictly ethical and decent. Also, your mind will be pure and you are quite innocent when compared to others.


Malavya Yoga

Venus occupies a quadrant of his own house or exaltation sign.

The Malavya Yoga points out at your dignified version of life and happiness. Your body would be a well-maintained and have a proportioned physique. Your mind is very strong and you do not get easily distracted if you are determined to concentrate at something. You will have a simple yet elegant life who will be extremely wealthy along with a wife and children. Your organs will be favoured by sterility and purity. Your life morals are very much renowned and you are well developed.


Shasha Yoga

Saturn occupies a Kendra of his own house or exaltation sign.

The Shasha Yoga indicates absolute superiority over others. If you are born with the Shasha Yoga, you will have a strict command over your servant. Yet, you will have a questionable character and people might frown upon that. You are most likely to rule over a village or a town. Or you can even be a King. But you will be the sort of King who desires and fancies for other's wealth and money. You have an extreme temperament which leads you to rage upon the first person you see.


Ruchaka Yoga

Mars exalted in a Kendra or occupy a Kendra of his own sign.

The Ruchaka Yoga overpowers many majestic and distinguished characteristics. You will have a very strong physique, just like a great leader. You will be very much famous over a long period of time. You also tend to be naturally fluent with some ancient lores. Regardless of whether or not you are a King, you make sure to attempt to conform to all the traditions and customs. You will have a ruddy complexion matched with an excellent physique, and charitable disposition. You will be gaining loads of wealth and will have a long and healthy life.


Bhadra Yoga

Disposition of Mercury in a Kendra which is identical to the native's own exaltation sign.

Bhadra Yoga indicates that the native will have a strong physique. In terms of your appearance, your face will have the intricacies of a lion which will make you appear strong as well. You will have a well-developed chest along with well-proportioned limbs. When it comes to your personality, you are reserved and mostly taciturn. However, you are extremely helpful to your relatives. Further, you will also live a long life.


Budha-Aditya Yoga or Nipuna Yoga

Mercury combines with the Sun.

Budha-Aditya Yoga suggests that you will be highly intelligent. You will persevere to hone your skills and you will have an extremely good reputation for your skilful work. You will also have a healthy notion of yourself and have self-respect. Your peers and the people around you revere you. When it comes to your lifestyle, you will be surrounded by all the comforts you can imagine. Your life will be comfortable for the most part and you will experience happiness throughout your life.


Maha-Bhagya Yoga

For a man, birth is during the day and the Sun, Moon, and Lagna are in odd signs. For a woman, birth is during the night and the Sun, Moon, and Lagna are in even signs.

For a male, Maha-Bhagya Yoga indicates that you will have a strong and good character. You will bring happiness to your family and the people around you. Your ideologies will be liberal and you will be extremely generous by nature. You will also be famous and live the life of a ruler or someone on par with a king. You will go on to live a long life. For a female, Mahabhagya Yoga indicates that you will be blessed with wealth and children who will live long. You will also carry yourself with respect and have good etiquette.


Pushkala Yoga

The Lord of the sign which is occupied by the Moon (associated with the Lord of Lagna) is in a Kendra or in the house of an intimate friend aspecting Lagna. At the same time, the Lagna is occupied by a powerful planet.

Pushkala Yoga indicates that you will be extremely wealthy. You will likely have great skills when it comes to your speech. You can sweet-talk your way out of various difficult situations and might also be skilled enough to motivate and manipulate people. Your good nature will take you to great heights and bring you fame and honour. You might even be revered by the King or someone equivalent. This naturally means that you will have the respect of many Lords as well.


Lakshmi Yoga

Lord of Lagna is powerful and the Lord of the ninth occupies its own or exaltation sign identical with a Kendra or Thrikona.

Lakshmi Yoga indicates that you will be the owner of tremendous wealth and fortune. You are a learned person and you are incredibly noble by nature. You are known for your integrity which you take very seriously. This builds quite a reputation around you. In terms of your appearance, you are alluring. You make a good leader and will be able to rule over people and make a Benefic impact. You will enjoy all the pleasures and comforts of life as well.


Gauri Yoga

The Lord of the Navamsa, occupied by the Lord of the tenth, joins the tenth house in exaltation and combines with the Lord of Lagna.

Gauri Yoga indicates that you are a respectable person who belongs to a reputed family. Your family, and by extension you, own several lands and properties. Your wealth, however, does not taint your character and you are quite charitable by nature. You also perform religious rites and believe in God. When it comes to your family, you will be blessed with sons who will carry your reputation as children with good character. Your nature will bring praise from everyone in your community and beyond.


Bharathi Yoga

The Lord of the Navamsa, occupied by the Lords of the second, fifth and eleventh, is exalted and combined with the ninth Lord.

Bharathi Yoga indicates that you have fame and a reputation throughout the world. You are a reputed scholar which might be the root of your fame. You are quite fond of the arts such as music and romance. When it comes to your personality, you are quite romantic as well. You are also attractive in terms of your appearance. You have a religious inclination in which you have a lot of faith. You might also have eyes that are bewitching.


Chapa Yoga

The Ascendant Lord is exalted and the fourth and tenth Lords have interchanged houses.

Chapa Yoga indicates that you will be incredibly wealthy and powerful. You will enjoy influence in a King’s Council where your presence will be highly coveted. You have a gracious aura around you. Your influence and wealth will bring you tremendous strength. You might also have great physical strength. Further you might be responsible for the work related to the exchequer, or you might be the controller of the treasury.


Sreenatha Yoga

The exalted Lord of the seventh occupies the tenth house and the Lord of the tenth is with the Lord of the ninth.

Sreenatha Yoga indicates that you are graced with the insignia of Vishnu in your body which makes you quite mystifying and fascinating. The insignia might have the conch or the wheel, etc., quite distinctly. When it comes to your personality, you will have a godly aura around you. When you talk to people, you tend to be quite agreeable which makes you likeable by many. You are also blessed with a good spouse with whom you will have loving children.


Lagna Malika

All the seven planets occupy the seven houses continuously which are reckoned from Lagna or any particular Bhava.

Lagna Malika indicates that you have the graciousness and impression of a King. Not only is your presence kingly, but your lifestyle is kingly as well. It is not unlikely for you to even be an actual King. Even if you are not a King, you will be similar to a ruler or a commander. You will enjoy immense power and influence among people. You are also incredibly wealthy which further increases your influence and power.


Dhana Malika

All seven planets occupy seven houses continuously reckoned from Lagna or any particular Bhava.

The Dhana Malika is a powerful Yoga that consists of unique characteristics in a person. If you have the Dhana Malika Yoga, you will be wealthy throughout your life. You won't be facing any kind of issues with wealth. You take your duties very seriously. Duties are very salient to you and you don't let anyone ruin it for you. You find your purpose with determination and trust and you don't leave it until and unless you accomplish it. Also, you tend to be unsympathetic towards everything.


Vikrama Malika

All seven planets occupy seven houses continuously reckoned from Lagna or any particular Bhava.

The Vikrama Malika indicates that you have all the qualities of a great ruler. You can rule any village, town of even any bigger provision because you know how to do it. You have seen a lot of wealth since you were young and you will always be rich no matter what happens. You also will be pretty sickly and feeble. Due to this, you always might need attention. You are always surrounded by brave men.


Sukha Malika

All seven planets occupy seven houses continuously reckoned from Lagna or any particular Bhava.

The Sukha Malika Yoga of a person indicates a charitable nature. You tend to be benevolent when it comes to rescuing people in need. You don't think of anything when you are determined to do a charity. You tend to be efficiently wealthy. All your forefathers were wealthy and you will too be wealthy just like them.


Putra Malika

All seven planets occupy seven houses continuously reckoned from Lagna or any particular Bha