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By Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Consultant-Astro-Vastu-Tarot-Palm-Numero-Gem-Therapist & Astro-Guru

CRYSTAL & QUARTZ are the most popular and Effective Vastu & Feng-Shui Remedy tools besides Colours, Solar or Fire Energy. Mirror, Sun light, Flood Light etc.

You can use various Crystals and Quartz for Vastu-Feng-Shui remedies as they can be used in almost any direction of the house to bring in magnified positive solar energy in your vastu.

How To Use Crystal & Quartz For Vastu Remedy

1. Hang a pair of well-cut spherical crystals in a window using a piece of silver, gold thread or a red ribbon. When the sun rays pass through the facets of these crystals, it splits the rays into seven rainbow colours and spreads its goodness within the room. Its energy is magical, refreshing and beautiful. If you happen to occupy the eastern quadrant of your home then you can wake up with dancing rainbow colours all over your room.

Chinese Feng-Shui practitioners prefer stringing the crystals with a RED RIBBON as they believe that red is the colour of blood that gives life to crystals.

2. Hanging crystals strengthen intuition and have the ability to change the flow of energy. They absorb CHI and make it more intense. They can also prevent stagnation within an area by sending out myriad prisms that dapple the room and fill it with warm energy of the sun.

3. If you have a lot of stagnation in an area with no windows or say if it is a dingy and gloomy room with only a north window that receives little sunshine then you can place a cluster of cut crystals on a round mirror along with a beautiful lamp. The lamp will illuminate the crystals and the mirror will capture the light and empower the crystals.

4. A crystal chandelier energized by light (fire energy) is also a beautiful enhancer in the centre of your home where the Brahmasthan gets activated and radiates positive energy in each and every corner of your home.

5.If you raise your head to look at the chandelier on a regular basis, it will lift your energy. In fact, this very movement of looking up will raise your energy. When depressed we usually slump our shoulders and take shallow breaths. If we sit up straight and breathe deeply, it is much more difficult to stay depressed. In the same way, anything that makes us look physically upward subtly makes us much more inclined to be happy and cheerful.

6. A cluster of eight crystals when placed in the North-East of the children's desk helps them to concentrate and achieve better results.

7. Place two heart shaped crystals tied with a red ribbon in the South-West zone of the master bedroom and enjoy the return of marital bliss.

8. A cluster of nine crystals or a pair of ROSE QUARTZ is another powerful enhancer to bless the relationship with more warmth and love and keep it stable and sparkling.

9. Invite heaven luck or help from your mentors and bosses by placing a cluster of six crystals along with a pendulum or a revolving clock in the North-West zone of your home or office.

10. If you have problem conceiving try placing a cluster of seven sparkling crystals in a clear bowl along with a silver swing, rattlers and a picture of a new born.

11. Create happy energy for your children by placing crystal creatures on a display mirror in the west direction of their rooms. It is best to have a dove for serenity and peace, a bear for kindness, warmth and stability, a mouse for quick wits and charm, a rabbit for happiness and love, a squirrel for adventurousness and an elephant for wisdom.

12. Grow roots in your chosen profession or business and strengthen harmonious relationship with your partners in business by placing a clear quartz crystal, an amethyst or a citrine rock on the South-West zone of your work table.

13. Zodiac Symbol, Deity, Yantram & Helix of Crystal that co-relates to your Astro-Vastu, will not only give you a stronger sense of self, more power and confidence but will also strengthen your intuition.

14. Illuminated crystal globe that shows the countries of the world when placed in the South direction encourages bigger markets for your business and helps you in achieving a global image.

15. Clean the crystals by holding them under running cold water before you place them in your home. Doing this ensures bad CHI energy is removed at the same time as physical dirt and dust.

Before placing the Crystal & Quartz, sprinkling some rose water on the cleansed crystals, take them close to your heart and fill them with all your love and positive energy and place them in the appropriate direction as prescribed above with your aspiration of your life and need, and see magical results manifesting in your Life & Vastu.

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