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By The Great Maharshi PARASHARA

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The Magnum Opus (Bible) of Vedic Astrology
By The Great Maharshi PARASHARA

 Chapter 61. Effects of Pratyantar Dashas in Antar Dashas
1. By multiplying the years etc. of the Antar Dasha of the Grahas separately by the Dasha years of each Graha and by dividing the product by the total span of the Vimshottari Dasha, namely 120 years, we will arrive at the Pratyantar Dasha of each Graha.
2. Ravi-Ravi (Pratyantar Dasha of Ravi in the Antar Dasha of Ravi). Argument with other persons, loss of wealth, distress to wife, headache etc. The above are general effects. Such inauspicious effects will not be produced, if Ravi is in a Trikon etc., if Ravi is the Lord of an auspicious Bhava, or is in a auspicious Bhava and in a benefic Varga. All other Pratyanta effects should be judged in this manner.
3. ---Chandra. Excitement, quarrels, loss of wealth, mental agony etc.
4. ---Mangal. Danger from the king and from weapons, imprisonment and distress from enemies and fire.
5. ---Rahu. Disorder of phlegm, danger from weapons, loss of wealth, destruction of a kingdom and mental agony.
6. ---Guru. Victory, increase in wealth, gains of gold, garments, conveyances etc.
(7) ---Shani. Loss of wealth, distress to cattle, excitement, diseases etc.
8. ---Budh. Affectionate relations with kinsmen, availability of good food, gains of wealth, religious-mindedness, reverence from the king.
9. ---Ketu. Danger to life, loss of wealth, danger from the king, trouble with enemies.
10. ---Shukra Moderate effects, or some gains of wealth may be expected.
11. Chandra-Chandra. Acquisition of land, wealth and property, reverence from the king and availability of sweetish preparations.
12. ---Mangal. Wisdom and discretion, reverence from the people, increase in wealth, enjoyments to kinsmen, but there will be danger from an enemy.
13. ---Rahu. Well-being, gain of wealth from the king and danger of death, if Rahu is yuti with a malefic.
14. ---Guru. Enjoyments, increase in dignity and glory, gain of knowledge through the preceptor, acquisition of a kingdom and acquisition of gems etc.
15. ---Shani. Bilious troubles, loss of wealth and name and fame.
16. ---Budh. Birth of a son, acquisition of a horse and other conveyances, success in education, progress, gain of white garments and grains.
17. ---Ketu. Quarrels with Brahmins, fear of premature death, loss of happiness and distress all-round.
18. ---Shukra Gain of wealth, enjoyments, birth of a daughter, availability of sweet preparations and cordial relations with all.
19. ---Ravi Gain of happiness, grains and garments, victories everywhere.
20. Mangal-Mangal. Danger from enemies, quarrels and fear of premature death on account of blood diseases.
21. ---Rahu. Destruction of wealth and kingdom (fall of government), unpalatable food and quarrels with the enemy.
22. ---Guru. Loss of intelligence, distress, sorrows to children, fear of premature death, negligence, quarrels and no fulfillment of any ambition.
23. ---Shani. Destruction of the employer, distress, loss of wealth, danger from enemies, anxiety, quarrels and sorrows.
24. ---Budh. Loss of intelligence, loss of wealth, fevers and loss of grains, garments and friends.
25. ---Ketu. Distress from diseases, lethargy, premature death, danger from the king and weapons.
26. ---Shukra Distress from Chandal, sorrows, danger from the king and from weapons, dysentery and vomiting.
27. ---Ravi Increase in landed property and wealth, satisfaction, visits of friends, happiness all-round.
28. ---Chandra. Gains of white garments etc. from the southern direction, success in all ventures.
29. Rahu-Rahu. Imprisonment, disease, danger of injuries from weapons.
30. ---Guru. Reverence everywhere, acquisition of conveyances, like elephants etc., gain of wealth.
31. ---Shani. Rigorous imprisonment, loss of enjoyments, danger from enemies, affliction with rheumatism.
32. ---Budh. Gain in all ventures, abnormal gain through wife.
33. ---Ketu. Loss of intelligence, danger from enemies, obstacles, loss of wealth, quarrels, excitement.
34. ---Shukra Danger from a Yogaaini, danger from the king, loss of conveyances, availability of unpalatable food, loss of a wife, sorrow in the family.
35. ---Ravi Danger from enemies, fevers, distress to children, fear of premature death, negligence.
36. ---Chandra. Excitement, quarrels, worries, loss of reputation, fear, distress to father.
37. ---Mangal. Septic boil in the anus (fistula/Bhagndar), distress, due to a bite and pollution of blood, loss of wealth, excitement.
38. Guru-Guru. Acquisition of gold, increase in wealth etc.
39. ---Shani. Increase in lands, conveyances and grains.
40. ---Budh. Success in the educational sphere, acquisition of clothes and gems, like pearls etc., visits of friends.
41. ---Ketu. Danger from water and thieves.
42. ---Shukra Several kinds of learning, gain of gold, clothes, ornaments, well-being and satisfaction.
43. ---Ravi Gain from the king, friends and parents, reverence everywhere.
44. ---Chandra. No distress, gain of wealth and conveyances, success in ventures.
45. ---Mangal. Danger from weapons, pain in anus, burning in the stomach, indigestion, distress from enemies.
46. ---Rahu. Antagonism with menials (Chandala) and loss of wealth and distress through them.
47. Shani-Shani. Physical distress, quarrels, danger from menials.
48. ---Budh. Loss of intelligence, quarrels, dangers, anxiety about availability of food, loss of wealth, danger from enemy.
49. ---Ketu. Imprisonment in the camp of the enemy, loss of luster, hunger, anxiety and agony.
50. ---Shukra Fulfillment of ambitions, well-being in the family, success in ventures and gains therefrom.
51. ---Ravi Conferment of authority by the king, quarrels in the family, fevers.
52. ---Chandra. Development of intelligence, inauguration of big a venture, loss of luster, extravagant expenditure, association with many women.
53. ---Mangal. Loss of valour, distress to son, danger from fire and enemy, distress from bile and wind.
54. ---Rahu. Loss of wealth, clothes, land, going away to foreign lands, fear of death.
55. ---Guru. Inability to prevent losses, caused by women, quarrels, excitement.
56. Budh-Budh. Gain of intelligence, education, wealth, clothes etc.
57. ---Ketu. Coarse food, stomach troubles, eye troubles, distress from bilious and blood disorders.
58. ---Shukra Gains from a northern direction, loss of cattle, acquisition of authority from government.
59. ---Ravi Loss of splendour and distress through diseases, distress in the heart.
60. ---Chandra. Marriage, gain of wealth and property, birth of a daughter, enjoyments all-round.
61. ---Mangal. Religious-mindedness, increase in wealth, danger from fire and enemies, gain of red clothes, injury from a weapon.
62. ---Rahu. Quarrels, danger from wife, or some other woman, danger from the king.
63. ---Guru. Acquisition of a kingdom, conferment of authority by the king, reverence from the king, education, intelligence.
64. ---Shani. Bilious and windy troubles, injuries to the body, loss of wealth.
65. Ketu-Ketu. Sudden disaster, going away to foreign lands, loss of wealth.
66. ---Shukra Loss of wealth through a non-Hindu king, eye troubles, headache, loss of cattle.
67. ---Ravi Antagonism with friends, premature death, defeat, exchange of arguments.
68. ---Chandra. Loss of grains, physical distress, misunderstanding, dysentery.
69. ---Mangal. Injury from weapons, distress from fire, danger from menials and enemies.
70. ---Rahu. Danger from women and enemies, distress, caused by menials.
71. ---Guru. Loss of friends, wealth and garments, opprobrium in the house, troubles from everywhere.
72. ---Shani. Death of cattle and friends, physical distress, very meagre gain of wealth.
73. ---Budh. Loss of understanding, excitement, failure in education, dangers, failure in all ventures.
74. Shukra-Shukra Gains of white clothes, conveyances, gems, like pearls etc., association with beautiful damsel.
75. ---Ravi Rheumatic fever, headache, danger from the king and enemies and meagre gain of wealth.
76. ---Chandra. Birth of a daughter, gain of clothes etc. from the king, acquisition of authority.
77. ---Mangal. Blood and bile troubles, quarrels, many kinds of distresses.
78. ---Rahu. Quarrels with wife, danger, distress from the king and enemies.
79. ---Guru. Acquisition of kingdom, wealth, garments, gems, ornaments and conveyance, like elephants etc.
80. ---Shani. Acquisition of donkey, camel, goat, iron, grains, sesame seeds, physical pains.
81. ---Budh. Gains of wealth, knowledge, authority from the king, gain of money, distributed by others.
82. ---Ketu. Premature death, going away from homeland, gains of wealth at times.

Chapter  62. Effects of Sukshma-Antar Dashas in Pratyantar Dashas
1. The Sukshma antar Dasha is arrived at by multiplying the periods of Pratyantar  Dasha separately for each Graha by the Dasha years of that Graha and then by dividing the product by 120.
2. Ravi-Ravi (Sukshma  Dasha of Ravi in Pratyantar Dasha of Ravi). Going away from homeland, danger of death, loss of position, losses all-round.
3. ---Chandra. Devotion towards deities and Brahmins, interest in pious deeds, affectionate relations with friends.
4. ---Mangal. Indulgence in sinful deeds, distress from cruel enemies, bleeding.
5. ---Rahu. Danger from thieves, fire and poison, defeat in war, religious inclination.
6. ---Guru. Recognition by government, respected by government employees, becoming favourite of the king.
7. ---Shani. Causing trouble to respected persons and Brahmins by theft and by other bold deeds, going away from ones own place, mental agony.
8. ---Budh. Gains of fancy garments, association with a beautiful damsel, sudden success in ventures.
9. ---Ketu. Achievement of glory through wife and employees, loss of wealth, comforts from servants.
10. ---Shukra Happiness from son, friends and wife, acquisition of many kinds of properties.
11. Chandra-Chandra. Gain of ornaments and land, reverence, recognition from the king, anger, glory.
12. ---Mangal. Distress, antagonism with the enemy, stomach troubles, death of father, troubles, due to imbalance of wind and bile.
13. ---Rahu. Disharmony with friends and kinsmen, going away from homeland, loss of wealth, imprisonment.
14. ---Guru. Opulence and glory with royal symbols, birth of a son, gain of property, enjoyments all-round.
15. ---Shani. Wrath of the king, loss of wealth in business dealings, danger from thieves and Brahmins.
16. ---Budh. Reverence from the king, gain of wealth, gain of conveyance from a foreign land, increase in the number of children.
17. ---Ketu. Loss in the livelihood, earned by sale etc., grains, medicines, cattle etc., danger from fire and the sun’s rays (sun-stroke).
18. ---Shukra Marriage, gain of a kingdom, land, garments, ornaments, reputation etc.
19. ---Ravi Troubles, losses in ventures, destruction of grains and cattle, physical distress.
20. Mangal-Mangal. Sorrows on account of loss of lands, epilepsy, imprisonment, unhappiness.
21. ---Rahu. Physical distress, danger from the people (due to unpopularity), loss of wife and children, danger from fire.
22. ---Guru. Devotion towards deities, Mantra Siddhi, reverence from the people, enjoyments.
23. ---Shani. Release from imprisonment, happiness on account of wealth, gains of clothes and servants.
24. ---Budh. Comforts of Chatra, Chamar etc. (receiving respect, as that of a king), breathing troubles.
25. ---Ketu. Indulgence in undesirable deeds at the instance of others, one always remains filthy.
26. ---Shukra Enjoyment with women of choice, gain of wealth, food etc.
27. ---Ravi Wrath of the king, distress through Brahmins, failure in ventures, odium in public (Loka Ninda).
28. ---Chandra. Piousness, gain of wealth, devotion towards deities and Brahmins, danger from diseases.
29. Rahu-Rahu. Tendering to create turbulence by people, lack of wisdom in performance of duties, affliction of the mind.
30. ---Guru. Affliction with a chronic disease, poverty, but revered by the people and the religious-mindedness.
31. ---Shani. Gain of wealth through unfair means, wicked, or mean nature, performing other person’s duties, undesirable association.
32. ---Budh. Increase in desires for sexual acts with women, eloquence, hunger, physical distress.
33. ---Ketu. Politeness, loss of reputation, imprisonment, cold heartedness, loss of public money.
34. ---Shukra Freedom from imprisonment, gain of position and wealth.
35. ---Ravi Settling down in foreign lands, affliction with Gulma, even temperament, comforts of conveyances.
36. ---Chandra. Gain of gems (money), wealth, education, attachment to prayers, good behavior and devotion towards deities.
37. ---Mangal. Fleeing after defeat, anger, imprisonment, indulgence in thefts and stealing.
38. Guru-Guru. Banishment of sorrows, increase in wealth, performing Havan, devotion to Lord Shiva, gains of conveyance, marked with royal symbols.
39. ---Shani. Obstacles in fasting, agony, foreign journeys, loss of wealth, antagonism with kinsmen.
40. ---Budh. Success in education, increase in intelligence, reverence from the people (popularity), gains of wealth, all sorts of enjoyments and comforts at home.
41. ---Ketu. Knowledge, glory, learning, study of Shastras, worship of Lord Shiva, Havan, devotion toward preceptor.
42. ---Shukra Recovery from diseases, enjoyments, gain of wealth, happiness from wife and children.
43. ---Ravi Troubles of wind and bile, stomach pains through imbalance of phlegm and Rasas.
44. ---Chandra. Glory with umbrella with royal symbols, celebrations on the birth of a son, distress in eyes and stomache.
45. ---Mangal. Administration of poison by wife, imprisonment, danger from diseases, going away to foreign lands, confusion and misunderstandings.
46. ---Rahu. Danger from thieves, snakes and scorpions, diseases and distress.
47. Shani-Shani. Loss of wealth, diseases, like rheumatism etc., destruction of the family, taking meals separately from the family, full of sorrows.
48. ---Budh. Profits in business, progress in education, increase in wealth and lands.
49. ---Ketu. Turbulence by thieves, leprosy, loss of livelihood, physical pains.
50. ---Shukra Opulence and glory, learning the use of weapons, birth of a son, coronation, good health and fulfillment of all ambitions.
51. ---Ravi Wrath of the king, quarrels in the family, physical distress.
52. ---Chandra. Development of intelligence, inauguration of a big project, loss of luster, extravagance, happiness from wife and children.
53. ---Mangal. Loss of luster, excitement, burning in the stomach, misunderstanding, quarrels and wind and bile disorders.
54. ---Rahu. Death of parents, agony, extravagance, failure in ventures.
55. ---Guru. Acquisition of gold coins, reverence from the public, increase in wealth and grains, acquisition of Chatr with royal symbols.
56. Budh-Budh. Dawn of fortune, reverence from the king, increase in wealth and property and affectionate relations with all.
57. ---Ketu. Danger from fire, agony, distress to wife, coarse food and immoral tendencies.
58. ---Shukra Gain of conveyances, wealth, grains, produced in water, good repute and enjoyments.
59. ---Ravi Injuries, wrath of the king, confusion in the mind, diseases, loss of wealth, ridicule in public.
60. ---Chandra. Good fortune, stability of mind, reverence from the king, gains of property, visits of friends and the preceptor.
61. ---Mangal. Danger from fire and poison, idiocy, poverty, confusion of mind, excitement.
62. ---Rahu. Danger from fire and snakes and the victory over an enemy (with difficulty), opprobrium from goblins (evil, mischievous spirit).
63. ---Guru. Construction of a house, interest in charities, comforts and enjoyments, increase in opulence, gain of wealth from the king.
64. ---Shani. Profits in business, progress in education and increase in wealth, marriage, circumambience of comprehensiveness.
65. Ketu-Ketu. Happiness from wife and children, physical troubles, poverty, begging.
66. ---Shukra Freedom from diseases, gains of wealth, devotion towards Brahmins and the preceptor, union with members of the family.
67. ---Ravi Quarrels, loss of land, residence in foreign lands, disaster upon friends.
68. ---Chandra. Promotion in service, victory in war, good reputation in public.
69. ---Mangal. Danger of falling down from a horse etc., distress from thieves and the wicked, suffering from Gulma and headache.
70. ---Rahu. Destruction of wife, father etc., defamation, due to association with a wicked woman, vomiting, blood pollution, bilious diseases.
71. ---Guru. Antagonism with the enemy, increase in property and opulence, distress, due to losses in cattle, wealth and agricultural production.
72. ---Shani. Imaginary distress, little comfort, fasting, antagonism with wife, indulgence in falsehood.
73. ---Budh. Union and separation from many kinds of people, distress to the enemy, increase in wealth and property.
74. Shukra-Shukra Destruction of enemies, enjoyments, construction of temples of Lord Shiva etc. and reservoirs.
75. ---Ravi Agony in mind and heart, confusion of mind, wanderings, both losses and gains at different times.
76. ---Chandra. Sound health, increase in wealth, success in ventures through business dealings, progress in education and increase of intelligence.
77. ---Mangal. Idiocy, danger from an enemy, going away from one’s homeland, danger from diseases.
78. ---Rahu. Danger from fire and snakes, destruction of kinsmen, resignation from position (service etc.).
79. ---Guru. Success in ventures, increase in wealth and agricultural production, abnormal profits from purchase and sale business.
80. ---Shani. Distress from an enemy, sorrows, destruction of cattle, loss of persons, belonging to the Gotra of the native and elders (preceptors).
81. ---Budh. Increase in wealth with the assistance of kinsmen, gain of wealth through business, happiness from wife and children.
82. ---Ketu. Danger from fire, distress from diseases, distress in mouth, eyes and forehead, loss of accumulated wealth, mental agony.

Chapter  63. Effects of Prana Dashas in Sukshma a Dashas
1. If we multiply the Sukshma a Dasha spans by the Dasha years of each Graha and divide the product by 120, we will get the Prana Dasha.
(2) Ravi-Ravi Interest in unnatural sexual intercourse, danger from thieves, fire and the king, physical distress.
3. ---Chandra. Enjoyments, availability of good food, development of intelligence, opulence and glory, like that of a king, by the beneficence of generous people.
4. ---Mangal. Antagonism with the king with the connivance of others, dangers and great losses.
5. ---Rahu. Hunger, danger from poison, loss of wealth, as a result of punishment by the king.
6. ---Guru. Success in many educational spheres, gain of wealth, success in ventures, as a result of the exchange of visits with the king and Brahmins.
7. ---Shani. Imprisonment, death, excitement, obstacles and losses in ventures.
8. ---Budh. Feeding from the kings kitchen, acquisition of Chatr and Chamar with royal symbols, attainment of the position of a high dignitary in government.
9. ---Ketu. Loss of wealth, due to quarrels with the preceptor (elders), wife and kinsmen.
10. ---Shukra Recognition, or reverence from the king, increase in wealth, happiness from wife and children, enjoyments from eating and drinking.
11. Chandra-Chandra. Happiness from wife and children, gain of wealth and clothes, YogaSidhi.
12. ---Mangal. Consumption, leprosy, destruction of kinsmen, bleeding, creation of turbulence by friends and goblins.
13. ---Rahu. Danger from snakes, creation of turbulance by evil spirits, weakness of eyesight, confusion of mind.
14. ---Guru. Growth of religious-mindedness, forgiveness, devotion towards deities and Brahmins, good fortune, meeting with near and dear ones.
15. ---Shani. Unexpected and sudden physical distress, creation of troubles by enemies, weakness of eyesight, gain of wealth.
16. ---Budh. Gift of Chamar and Chatr by the king, acquisition of a kingdom, even-mindedness in people.
17. ---Ketu. Danger from weapons, from fire, from an enemy and from poison, stomach troubles, separation from wife and children.
18. ---Shukra Acquisition of friends and wife, gain of wealth from foreign lands, all kinds of enjoyments.
19. ---Ravi Brutality, increase in anger, fear of death, agony, going away from the homeland, dangers.
20. Mangal-Mangal. Quarrels with the enemy, imprisonment, bilious and blood pollution troubles.
21. ---Rahu. Separation from wife and children, distress, as a result of oppression by kinsmen, fear of death, poison.
22. ---Guru. Devotion towards deities, gain of wealth, competence in Mantra rituals.
23. ---Shani. Danger from fire, death, loss of wealth, loss of position, but good relations with kinsmen.
24. ---Budh. Gains of splendid garments, ornaments, marriage.
25. ---Ketu. Fear of falling down from a high place, eye troubles, danger from snakes, loss of reputation.
26. ---Shukra Gain of wealth, reverence amongst people, enjoyment of many kinds of luxuries.
27. ---Ravi Fevers, lunacy, loss of wealth, wrath of the king, poverty.
28. ---Chandra. Comforts of good food and garments, distress from heat and cold.
29. Rahu-Rahu. Loss of taste in eating, danger from poison, loss of wealth through rashness.
30. ---Guru. Physical well-being, fearlessness, gain of conveyance and quarrels with menials.
31. ---Shani. Danger from fire, diseases, loss of wealth through menials, imprisonment.
32. ---Budh. Devotion towards the preceptor and increase of wealth through his beneficence, good qualities and well cultured.
33. ---Ketu. Antagonism with wife and children, going away from home, loss of wealth through rashness.
34. ---Shukra Acquisition of -Chatra, Chamar, conveyances etc., success in all ventures, worship of Lord Shiva, construction of a house.
35. ---Ravi Affliction with piles, wrath of the king, loss of cattle.
36. ---Chandra. Development of mental powers and intelligence, popularity, visits of preceptors, danger of committing sins.
37. ---Mangal. Dangers from menials and fire, loss of position, disaster, filthiness and meanness.
38. Guru-Guru. Happiness, increase in wealth, performance of Havan, worship of Lord Shiva, acquisition of Chatr and conveyances.
39. ---Shani. Failure in fasting, unhappiness, going away to foreign lands, loss of wealth, antagonism with kinsmen.
40. ---Budh. Progress in education, increase in intelligence, happiness to wife and children, popularity, gain of wealth.
41. ---Ketu. Opulence and glory, learnedness, gain of knowledge of Shastras, worship of Lord Shiva, performance of Havan, devotion towards preceptor.
42. ---Shukra Freedom from diseases, enjoyments, increase in wealth, happiness from wife and children.
43. ---Ravi Disorders of wind, bile and phlegm, pains, due to disorders of juices in the body.
44. ---Chandra. Acquisition of Chatr with royal symbol, opulence and glory, increase in children, eye and stomach troubles.
45. ---Mangal. Danger of administration of poison by wife, imprisonment, foreign journeys, confusion of mind.
46. ---Rahu. Distress from diseases, troubles from thieves, danger from snakes, scorpions etc.
47. Shani-Shani: Loss of luster, due to fevers, leprosy, stomach troubles, danger of death from fire.
48. ---Budh. Gain of wealth and grains, profits in business, reverence, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
49. ---Ketu. Death-like distress, creation of turbulence by evil spirits, insult from a woman, other than one’s wife.
50. ---Shukra Enjoyments through wealth, son and beneficence of the king, performance of Havanas, marriage etc.
51. ---Ravi Troubles in the eyes and forehead, danger from snakes and enemies, loss of wealth, distress.
52. ---Chandra. Sound health, birth of a son, relief, thriving strength, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
53. ---Mangal. Affliction with Gulma, danger from enemy, danger of death during hunting, danger from snakes, from fire and from poison.
54. ---Rahu. Going away from the homeland, danger from the king, bewitchment, taking of poison, troubles from wind and bile.
55. ---Guru. Attainment of the position of a Commander in the Army, gain of land, association with ascetics, reverence from the king.
56. Budh-Budh. Increase in enjoyments, wealth and religious-mindedness, even-mindedness in all living beings.
57. ---Ketu. Danger from thieves, from fire and from poison, death-like suffering.
58. ---Shukra Supremacy over others, increase in wealth, reputation and religious-mindedness, devotion to Lord Shiva, happiness from son.
59. ---Ravi Agony, fevers, lunacy, affectionate relations with wife and kinsmen, receipt of stolen property.
60. ---Chandra. Happiness from wife, birth of a daughter, gain of wealth and enjoyments all-round.
61. ---Mangal. Tendency to indulge in nefarious activities, pain in eyes, teeth and stomach, piles, danger from death.
62. ---Rahu. Gain of clothes, ornaments and wealth, separation from one’s own people, antagonism with Brahmins, delirium.
63. ---Guru. Sublimately, progress in education, increase in wealth and good qualities, profits in business.
64. ---Shani. Danger of death from thieves, poverty, beggary.
65. Ketu-Ketu. Danger of fall from a conveyance, quarrels with the enemy, committing a murder inadvertently.
66. ---Shukra Gain of land and conveyance, happiness, destruction of enemy, increase in cattle wealth.
67. ---Ravi Danger from fire and enemy, loss of wealth, mental agony, death-like suffering.
68. ---Chandra. Devotion towards deities and Brahmin, journeys to distant places, gain of wealth and happiness, eye and ear troubles.
69. ---Mangal. Bilious troubles, enlargement of veins, delirium, antagonism with kinsmen.
70. ---Rahu. Antagonism with son and wife, going away from home, loss in ventures, due to rashness.
71. ---Guru. Injuries from weapons, wounds, heart disease, separation from wife and children.
72. ---Shani. Confusion of mind, tendencies towards nefarious deeds, imprisonment on account of addictions (in drugs etc.), distress.
73. ---Budh. Enjoyments of bed, perfumery, ornaments and sandal, good food and availability of all kinds of comforts.
74. Shukra-Shukra Learning, devotion to deities, satisfaction, gain of wealth, increase in the number of children.
75. ---Ravi Good reputation in public, loss of happiness in respect of children, heat troubles.
76. ---Chandra. Devotion towards deities, competence, relief by the application of Mantras, increase in wealth and fortune.
77. ---Mangal. Fevers, wounds, ringworms, itches, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
78. ---Rahu. Distress from an enemy, eye and stomach troubles, antagonism with friends.
79. ---Guru. Good longevity, sound health, happiness from wealth, wife and children, acquisition of Chatr and conveyances.
80. ---Shani. Danger from the king, loss of happiness, critical disease, controversy with menials.
81. ---Budh. Satisfaction, reverence from the king, gains of land and wealth from many directions, increase in enthusiasm.
82. ---Ketu. Loss of life, wealth and reputation, only some money is left for charities and sustenance.

Chapter  64. Effects of Antar Dashas in the Kala Chakra Dasha
1. Maharishi Parashar said. Now I am going to describe to you the effects of Antar Dashas in the Kala Chakra Dasha, as related by Lord Shiva to the Goddess Parvati.
2. Dasha of Mesh Amsha. There will be wounds and fever in the Antar Dasha of Mangal in the Dasha of Mesh Amsha. In the same Dasha and Antar Dasha of the Rashis, owned by Budh, Shukra, Chandra and Guru, all kinds of happiness will be enjoyed. Danger from an enemy will be experienced in the Antar Dasha of Ravi
3-5. Dasha of Vrishabh Amsha. Effects, like quarrels and diseases, will be experienced in Antar Dasha of Shani. There will be gains of education and physical felicity in the Antar Dasha of Guru, going away from home, death, or distress from fevers in the Antar Dasha of Mangal and gains of garments, happy association with women in the Antar Dashas of the Rashis, owned by Shukra and Budh. Danger from the king and violent animals may be expected in the Antar Dasha of Rāśi, owned by Ravi
6-10. Dasha of Mithun Amsha. The effects in the Antar Dashas of the Rashis concerned will be, as follows. Shukra - gain of wealth and garments. Mangal - death of parents, danger, fever, wounds and travels to distant places. Guru - increase in intelligence, success in education, opulence and glory, popularity and affection towards others. Shani - foreign journeys, diseases, fear of death, loss of wealth and kinsmen. Budh - success in education, gains of garments etc., happiness from wife and children and reverence from all quarters.
11-16. Dasha of Karkat at  Amsha. The effects in the various Antar Dashas of the Rashis concerned will be, as follows. Chandra - happiness from wife and children, gain of wealth and reverence from the public. Ravi - danger from enemies, animals and the royal family, mental agony and fear of diseases. Budh and Shukra - happiness from wife, children and friends, increase in wealth, popularity and name and fame. Mangal - danger from poison, weapons and diseases, like fever. Guru - gains of wealth, physical felicity, honours from the king. Shani - rheumatism, danger from snakes and scorpions and distress of all kinds.
17-21. Dasha of Simha  Amsha. -- Mangal - diseases of the mouth, bilious fever and danger from weapon. Budh and Shukra - gain of clothes, happiness from wife and children. Chandra - danger from fall from some height, meagre gains of wealth, foreign journeys. Ravi - danger from enemies, fevers, loss of wisdom, fear of death. Guru - gains of wealth and grains, beneficence of the king and Brahmins, progress in education.
22-26. Dasha of Kanya Amsha. -- Shani - many kinds of troubles, travels to distant places, fevers, distress from hunger. Guru - gains of wealth through the beneficence of the king, arrival of friends and kinsmen and success in education. Mangal - bilious fever, travels to distant places, danger from fire and from weapons. Budh, Shukra and Chandra - gains of wealth through sons and employees, many enjoyments. Ravi - travel to distant lands, danger from diseases, quarrels with kinsmen, danger of assaults by weapons.
27-31. Dasha of Tula Amsha. -- Shukra - wisdom, comforts, happiness from wife and children and from wealth, garments etc. Mangal - distress to father, enmity with friends, danger from disease of forehead, fevers, poison, weapons etc. Guru - gain of wealth, acquisition of a kingdom, performance of religious rites, honours from the king and happiness all-round. Shani - travels to distant places, critical diseases, loss in the agricultural sphere, danger from enemies. Budh - birth of a son, gain of wealth, happiness from one’s wife, joy, dawn of fortune.
32-33. Dasha of Vrischik Amsha. The following effects will be experienced in the Antar Dashas of the Rashis concerned. Chandra, Budh and Shukra - gain of wealth and grains in different ways, freedom from diseases, enjoyments of many kinds. Ravi - danger from enemies, loss of wealth, distress to father, danger from wild and violent animals. Mangal - troubles from wind and bile, wounds, danger from fire and from weapons. Guru - gains of wealth, grains,. and gems, devotion towards deities and Brahmins, beneficence of the king. Shani - loss of wealth, separation from kinsmen, mental anxiety, danger from enemies, diseases.
34-40. Dasha of Dhanu Amsha. The following effects will be derived in the various Antar Dashas of the Rashi, owned by-- Mangal - heart burn, fevers, cold, diseases of the mouth, many kinds of troubles. Shukra, Budh and Chandra - increase in wealth and property and fortune, progress in education, destruction of enemies, happiness from the king. Ravi - loss of wife and wealth, quarrels, danger from the king, travels to distant lands. Guru - charity, self-mortifications, honours from the king, increase in religious-mindedness, happiness from wife, gain of wealth.
41-44. Dasha of Makar Amsha. The following effects will be experienced in the various Antar Dashas of the Rashis, owned by-- Shani - wrath of Brahmins, deities and the king, loss of kinsmen, abandonment of the homeland. Shukra, Budh, Chandra and Guru - devotion towards deities, self-mortification, honours from the government. Mangal - disease of the forehead, assaults on hands and feet, danger from dysentery, blood pollution and bilious troubles. Shani - loss of father and kinsmen, fevers, danger from the king and the enemies.
45-49. Dasha of Kumbh Amsha. -- Shukra - many kinds of educational attainments, gains of property, happiness from wife and children, sound health and increase in wealth. Mangal - fevers, danger from fire and from enemies, distress from enemies and mental agony. Shani - danger of troubles from wind, bile and phlegm, quarrels, foreign journey, danger of suffering from tuberculosis. Guru - freedom from ill health, happiness, honours from the king and joy. Budh - happiness from wife, children and wealth, joy, increase in good fortune.
50-55. Dasha of Meen Amsha. -- Chandra - increase in wisdom and educational attainments, happiness from wife, freedom from disease, association with friends, joy and happiness. Ravi - quarrels with kinsmen, danger from thieves, mental agony, loss of position. Budh and Shukra - victory in war, birth of a son, gains of land and cattle, increase in wealth. Mangal - bilious troubles, dissension with members of the family, danger from enemies. Guru - gain of wealth and grains, happiness from wife, honours from the king, name and fame. Shani - loss of wealth, mental agony, abandonment of the homeland on account of associations with prostitutes.
56-58. Maharishi Parashar said to Maitreya. O Brahmin! The effects of Antar Dashas in the Kala Chakra, which have been described above, are based on Savya Chakra. The effects of Antar Dashas in the Dashas of the Rashis in the Apsavya Chakra have to be assessed, after taking into account the benefic and malefic natures of the Lords of the Rashis. People have to enjoy the good, or suffer the bad results, according to their good, or bad actions in the previous births. Everybody suffers, or enjoys accordingly. The peculiarity in this respect is, that inauspicious results have been ascribed to malefics. But, if during the Antar Dasha the Graha concerned is a friend of the Lord of the Dasha, the results of the Antar Dasha will be favourable. If the Graha concerned is a benefic, but an enemy of the Lord of the Dasha, his Antar Dasha effects will not prove favourable. This is how the Antar Dasha effects have to be analyzed and conclusions arrived at.

Chapter 65. Effects of Dashas of Rashi’s in the Amshas of the Various Rashis
1-3. The following will be the effects in the Dashas of Rashis in Mesh Amsha. Mesh - distress from diseases, caused by blood pollution, Vrishabh - increase in grain production, Mithun - dawn of knowledge (Gyanodaya), Karkat at  - increase in wealth, Simha  - danger from enemies, Kanya - happiness from wife, Tula - ministership, Vrischik - danger of death, Dhanu - gains of wealth.
4-5½. -- Vrishabh Amsha. Makar - tendency to indulge in sinful actions, Kumbh - profits in business, Meen - success in all ventures, Vrischik - danger from fire, Tula - honours from the king, Kanya - danger from enemies, Karkat at  - distress to wife, Simha  - eye troubles, Mithun - danger from poison.
6-8. -- Mithun Amsha. Vrishabh - gains of wealth, Mesh - fever, Meen - affectionate relations with maternal uncle, Kumbh - increase in enemies, Makar - danger from thieves, Dhanu - progress in education, Mesh - assaults from enemies, Vrishabh - quarrels, Mithun - happiness.
9-10½. -- Karkat at  Amsha. Karkat at  - enjoyments, Simha  - danger from the king, Kanya - happiness from kinsmen, Tula - good reputation, Vrischik - distress from father, Dhanu - gain of knowledge and wealth, Makar - disgrace in public, Kumbh - loss in business, Meen - travels to distant lands.
11-13. -- in Simha  Amsha. Vrischik - quarrels, distress, Tula - gain of wealth, happiness, Kanya - increase in wealth and grains, Karkat at  - danger from animals, Simha  - both happiness and sorrows, Mithun - increase in enemies, Vrishabh - gain of property, happiness, Mesh - distress, Meen - long journey.
14-15½. -- Kanya Amsha. Kumbh - gain of wealth, Makar - increase in wealth, Dhanu - happiness from brothers, Mesh - happiness from mother, Vrishabh - happiness from sons, Mithun - danger from enemies, Karkat at  - affectionate relation with wife, Simha  - increase in ill health, Kanya - birth of a son.
16-18. -- Tula Amsha. Tula - gain of wealth, Vrischik - happiness from brothers, Dhanu - happiness from brothers and uncles, Makar - distress to mother, Kumbh - profits in business, Meen - gain of property, happiness, Vrischik - distress to wife, Tula - danger from water, Kanya - increase in property and happiness.
19-20½. -- Vrischik Amsha. Karkat at  - loss of wealth, Simha  - danger from government, Mithun - gain of lands, Vrishabh - increase in wealth, Mesh - distress on account of blood pollution, Meen - happiness, Kumbh - profits in business, Makar - loss of wealth, Dhanu - gain of property, happiness.
21-23. -- Dhanu Amsha. Mesh - gain of wealth, Vrishabh - gain of lands, Mithun - success in all ventures, Karkat at  - gain of property, happiness, Simha  - all comforts, Kanya - quarrels, Tula - profits in business, Vrischik - danger from diseases, Dhanu - happiness to sons.
24-25½. -- Makar Amsha. Makar - birth of a son, Kumbh - increase in wealth, Meen - well-being, Vrischik - danger from animals, Tula - gain of wealth, Kanya - danger from enemies, Karkat at  - gain of wealth, Simha  - danger from enemies, Mithun - danger from poison.
26-28. -- Kumbh Amsha. Vrishabh - increase in wealth, Mesh - eye troubles, Meen - travels to distant lands, Kumbh - increase in wealth, Makar - success in all ventures, Dhanu - increase in knowledge and learning, Mesh - loss of happiness, Vrishabh - danger of death, Mithun - gains of property, happiness.
29-31. -- Meen Amsha. Karkat at  - increase in wealth, Simha  - assistance from the king, Kanya - increase in wealth and grains, Tula - profits in business, Vrischik - distress from fever, Dhanu - increase in knowledge and wealth, Makar - antagonism with wife, Kumbh - danger from water, Meen - all kinds of enjoyments.
32. There is no doubt, that observance of remedial measures in the form of prescribed Maharishi Yagyas destroys the evil effects of the inauspicious Dashas and yield happiness.

Thus Ends Brihat Parashara Hora-Shastram
By The Great Sage Parashara
Part- 13 (Chapter— 61---65 )