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​​​​​​​By Prof. Rishabh Shastri



Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Formula---#4-—Language Parent & Language Partner

When I was a little child, I was very fearless, curious, easy going, innocent, simple and open minded. I used to talk a lot in simple, easy words and never had any tendency to impress others. While speaking, I never bothered much on my faults or mistakes. Rather I enjoyed them as if I had just broken my less expensive tiny toys and fixed them with a twine, Fixed-it-Gum or cello-tapes or rubber bands.

Whenever I faced any difficulty or made any mistakes, my parents never laughed at me or made fun out of it. They used to smile at me, pinched my nose or cheek. After that they lovingly corrected my faults and told me the right way “to talk or Say or pronounce“those negligible and foolish mistakes or faults I made.

Same with my playmates. They never took my faults or mistakes seriously. Rather we used to make fun out of it by teasing and taunting each other or sometimes making mimicry out of it. Frankly speaking, none of us consider them as great faults or mistakes. Surprisingly, it was “Just A mistake”, “Nothing more than that”.

The same used to happen with My Parent. They knew that sooner or later I would naturally manage and acquired the needed speaking skill. This playful, loving and caring environment greatly helped us all to learn the language and we become a natural fluent speaker.

Friends, now you understand the role of a Language Parent and Language Partner(s).

Now the  BIG question comes in mind --- HOW ? 

Who can be your Language Parent & Language Partner?

How to choose them? Where I will Find them ? ... etc. 

My simple answer is “Anyone who knows ENGLISH much better than you, at the same time very friendly, careful and helpful to you, then he/she can be your language parent”.

Similarly, anyone who’s English is at the same level or a little more above with your level” can be your Language partner. So that you can speak, practice, ask question and answer them without any fear, hesitation and also feel free to ask for help when you need them.   

Friends!  Act fast. Do it now. Do it today.                              

Judiciously choose at least one or more Language Parent

Choose at least three to four Language Partners for English speaking

Go ahead with great zeal, Excitement and Enthusiasm

All the best for “English Fluency Challenge In Three Months or Less”

See You Soon

With Warm Wishes and Loads of Love