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​​​​​​​By Prof. Rishabh Shastri

English Fluency Challenge(V)


Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Formula---#3—Create An English-English Environment

Hi Friends ! I Hope You All Are Sailing Smoothly And Enjoying  “The Three Months English Fluency" Challenge.

Today I Am Going To  Share My Third Formula  To Increase Your Current Fluency Level. Please Read And Go Ahead With Great Joy And Playful Excitement.

By The Age Of  3 To 4+ We All  Are Fluent Speaker In Our Native Language.  How This Happen ?  No  Books. No Lesson.  No Grammar. Even In Most Cases - No Formal Introduction To Letters, Numbers, Alphabet Or Any Conscious Efforts For Learning The Language . 

As A Child, Before We Utter First Few Words, We Already Exposed To That Language  At Least  3000 Hours Or More. Yes, Just By Listening And Natural Trial & Error Method We Became A Fluent Speaker In Our Mother Tongue. 

How This Process Happens ?                                                      

This Process Can Be Compared With “As If The Earth’s Soil Is Soaking Massive Rain Water Or  A Piece Of Blotting Paper Soaking Ink From A Book Or  A Piece Of Sponge Soaking  Water From Table”.

Human Mind Is Like Fertile Soil. Whatever  The Seed It Gets It Grows That Plant Only. This Is The Great Miracle Of Listening And Direct Exposure To Environment. Friends, Now I Hope You All Understand The Need Of Environment.

To Become A Fluent English Speaker You Must Have An English Environment. For A Non-Native Speaker, Lack Of Having An English Environment Is A Crucial Reality. Especially If You Live In Country Where You Don’t Have A Single Speaker Of Your Target Language.

So, How You Can Create An English-English Environment ?

Human Mind Is Like The Fertile Soil. It Doesn’t Know What Is Real Or False. It Simply Accepts What It Gets And Grows Those Plants Only.

What You Consciously Input In Your Mind, Your Mind Automatically Accepts It And Output That Only.

 So Fake It To Make It. Act And Interact As If You Are Already Living In English.

To Create An English-English Environment Just Follow These Simple Steps

1) Surround And Submerge Yourself  In English

A) Listen- Learn- Speak Only In English

B) Act And Interact In English

C) “Whatever  You  "See, Do, Feel Or Experience” Describe Them In Simple English (10/15 Lines Only, Just Forget All Mistakes Or Faults)

D) Stop Your Translating Tendency And Mother Tongue Instinct.

E) If You Need The Help Of A Dictionary, Then Use An English–To English Dictonary Only.

F) Whatever Object You See In Your Surroundings, See Them As A Picture 

G) Make A Picture Word  Book In Your Mind As If You Are A Child And Filling A Picture Word Book.

2) From Today Onwards Whatever You Do – Do It In English Only. You May Start Orally Saying Your Grocery List, Shopping List, Daily Routine, Self-Talk On Hourly Facts, Oral Commentary Of Your Daily Activities.

A) Listen To Simple English Speech, Audio-Story, Songs, Tedx Talks, Seminars, Lectures, Audio Biography, Etc. 

B) Watch  English Movies, Mega  Serial, English Comics And Cartoons For Children.

C) Finally – Most Inexpensive English Tools You  Can Use In Your Daily Life To Create An "English-English Environment" Are

(1) A Pocket Radio With Head Phone, And 

(2) Your Cell Phone/Mobile Phone With Recording Facility.

Friends, If You Are Now In An ENGLISH DESERT Then Create An ENGLISH OASIS With This Simple Steps.

Special Note : Remember The Word “T.I.E.” -  Talk In English - Think In English

See You Soon

With Warm Wishes And Loads Of Love