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Planetary Native According To Samudrik Shastra (Physiognomy)


Planetary Native According To Samudrik Shastra (Physiognomy)

Prof. Rishabh shastri

According to Samudrik Shastra (Physiognomy) all human beings are born under the influence of the nine planets. But in each case, the influence of a particular planet affects our "Body-Mind-Soul" in a special way and plays a vital role through out in our life. As a result, that particular planet influence the person’s life in a special manner and the person is called by the name of that affected planet or named as that planet-born or planet native. In astrology this is very easily identified as Rashi (Moon Sign) or Lagna (Ascendant Sign). In modern samudrik shastra, depending on the influence of the main planet, a native is described, named and considered to be the native of a particular planetery influence, such  as  Jupiterian Native, Marsian Native or Mercurian Native. Etc.

Under which signs a native is born can be clearly judged and identified by observing the mount of the palm, face and certain body features. If we judge the new born's palm and found the effect of Mars is strong on the palm or face, and physical features, then that native will be called as "Mars Born" or Marsian Native. The person affected by Jupiter will be called Jupiterian Native.  Again the person affected by Venus will be called as “Venus born” or Venusians Native. The subject is intimately involved with planetary and zodiacal influences such as “Face, Palms mount, Limbs and physical features and appearance", and marked and classified accordingly. For an easy understanding and diagnosing a native through face, mount of the palm, physical features and physical appearance are briefly mentioned bellow.

Marsian Native (Aries) or Mars Born = face shape is triangular and thick eye-brows, eyes are reddish, round and quite large. The hair of the head will be curly and on the side of the ears, the hair is very thick and reddish in color, muscular body structure and medium height. There may be acne or cuts or wound marks on the face. Eyesight is steady and confident, voice is strong and clear. The lips are quite thick, the lower lip is larger than the upper lip. Large rows of teeth.    

Venusian Native (Taurus) or Venus Born = the shape of the face is quite large and round, the height is tall, The forehead is wide, the shoulders are quite wide and square, rectangular eyes, the vision is unmistakable, calm and steady; the tone of voice gradually starts to go down and goes up. The tip of the nose is heavy, thick and quite large, the Theighs are heavy and well-formed, and the skin of the body is very bright and smooth. There will be elegance and charm in the face.   

Mercurian Native (Gemini) or Mercury Born = Slim body with Childish look and frail built, face is oval, long nose, chin is triangular or needled.  Eyes drawn, bright and attractive, well-formed neck, curly hair, graceful face, light smile on the face. The tone of voice is light, the vision is intelligent and full of hints. Skin color is bright dark. While talking shakes hands, moves legs and shoulders, talks more, general the habit of talking more and in details.

Lunar Native (Cancer) or Moon Born = Round or rounded shape of the face, fair, flabby and fattly body. Medium height, heavy gullet, full cheeks, lower part of the body is much smaller than the upper part. Thick curly hair, eyes are bright and Misty, eye color is brown, voice and tone is soft, while walks or talks slightly lean forward. Skin is fair, bright and very smooth. 

Solar Native (Leo) or Sun Born = Body shape square, medium height. Wide mouth and large lips, hands quite large, thick full theigh, slender waist, eyebrows brown or pink, eye color reddish or purple.  Firm and steady movement, very confident in appearance, speech and looks.

Mercurian Native (Virgo) or Mercury Born = Medium height, neither too short nor too tall. The shape of the face is like a drinking leaf, the neck is well formed, the lips are very beautiful, and the face is charming and graceful. The vision of the eyes is fixed, steady and calm; there is depth in the vision. Speaks less, the tone of voice is sweet and speaks very softly. 

Venusian Native (Tula) or Venus Born = beautiful and fit body, eyes are bright and attractive; unity in the face is a brilliant feeling. Well-formed and beautiful neck, sharp nose, thick and curly hair. Skin color is bright dark. Fascinated and curious look in the eyes.  

Marsian Native (Scorpio) or Mars Born  = Long face, medium height to tall height, wide chest, thick hair full of head, face is a little heavy, round eyes, quite large and smooth, black eyes. , Theigh is well-formed and full, the head is small in proportion to the body, and the upper part of the body is larger than the lower part. The upper lip is pressed inwards and the gums of the teeth are seen when talking and smiling. The tone of voice is heavy and radiant.  

Jupiterian Native (Sagittarius) or Jupiter Born = Long face, wide forehead and big pointed nose, fleshy body, a bit faty, square face, fair complexion or yellowish, less hair on the head, bright and elegant skin on the body, well-formed teeth, large eyes, calm in vision, immature and dreamy.    

Saturnian Native (Capricorn) or Saturn Born = Medium to tall build, round face, a little thinness and dryness in the face. Round eyes, a little squinting of the eyes, a large nose, the upper row of teeth pressed against the lower row, Deep dark complexion, sunken eyes and very cold natured, talks less and silently work much more.

Saturnian Native (Aquarius) or Saturn Born = Elongated face shape, medium height, wide chest and narrow waist, heavy back, waist and buttocks, hairy body with clearly seen veins. The eyesight is sharp and bright, the hair on the head is thin and brown, the nose is beautiful, and the shape of the lips is very attractive. Voice is soft and half uttered, and speaks less, the vision is calm, expressive and deep.  

Jupiterian Native (Pisces) or Jupiter Born = square face, round body, medium to long height, middle part of the body is wider, body shape is beautiful and smooth skin, wide forehead, thick lips, long and developed nose, body color pale or yellowish brown, bright skin and thick hair, round and watery eyes, a little reddish tinge in the corners of the eyes. The vision is calm, deep and strangely enchanting.  

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By Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Consultant -Astro-Palm-Numero-Vastu-Tarot-Gems_Therapist

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