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What Kind of Problems Occur In Life When A Planet Is Malefic

Prof. Rishabh Shastri

What Kind of Problems Occur In Life When A Planet Is Malefic

Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Jeevanang Karmaphalada Graharoopi Janardana. ------ BPHS

Problems that come down to life can be due to the ill effects of one or more planets. Some are very simple and easy, some are complex and most difficult, and cause utmost embarrassment and sufferrings. If you know what kind of problem is caused by the influence of a planet, it is easy to find out a solution. That's why I give you here a brief introduction of what kind of problems may occur in your life if a planet is malefic (bad) in your birth Chart or in your Palm.  

Ravi  (SUN) =  If Ravi is bad at birth or in the palm of the hand - obstruction of establishment, loss of reputation, loss of life and vitality, enmity with father, no government job and fate befell. Extreme frustration, failure, obstacles make people helpless; they can't stand up easily in life. Danger and loss of life are exacerbated due to resentment and political reasons.

Chandra (Moon) = When the moon is bad at birth or on the palm of the hand - the mind, mood and temperament are disturbed, excessive agitation and restlessness are created, work and learning are hindered, concentration is reduced, mental illness, cowardice and suspicion tend to prevail, eye disease, Obstruction of blood circulation, cold-mucus, rheumatism, asthma, allergies, chest and lung diseases, increased respiratory distress. Enmity with the mother and harms the mother's health, increases laziness and restlessness, increases body weight, excess weight gain and obesity. Danger and loss of life in water, aquatic animals, and water ways are strong.

Mangal (Mars) = If Mars is bad at birth or on the palm of the hand - anger, stubbornness, recklessness, audacity, temper tantrums and cruelty. He has to suffer from enmity with his brother, land and houses and real estate problems. There are injuries, bleeding, accidents, surgeries and blood borne diseases. Menstrual cramps, leucorrhoea, obstructive pain and anemia are some of the causes of menstruation in girls. Fire, electricity, sharp weapons, danger from vehicles, cars accidents and loss of life are strong.

Budha (Mercury) =  If Mercury is bad at birth or in the palm of the hand - it lacks intelligence, memory and talent, increases talkativeness, stammering, restlessness, frequent changes and indecisiveness, errors in expression, public relations and inability to use people. Friends, colleagues and associates, have to face opposition. Communication and recommendations from influential people are not effective.  Nervous diseases are caused by mental disorders, headaches and medical disorders. It causes loss of health, separation of relatives and friends, neurological brain damage, risk of taking wrong drugs, loss of life while traveling. Education, decision and success remain elusive.

Vrihaspati/Guru (Jupiter) = If Jupiter is malefic in birth chart or in the palm of the hand - deprivation, poverty and boundless misery are always companions. Disrupts marriage, fails in research works. Falsehood, blasphemous and commercial use of religions for perosonal gain or revenge. Delays in promotion or promotion to higher positions. Unprincipledness and sin increases, lose efficiency in work. Stomach ailments, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. are the causes of diseases, child loss, child grief and great sorrow. There is a fear of loss of life by gurus, judiciary, courts of law and high level administrative persons.

Shukra (Venus) = If Venus is bad on the birth chart or in the palm - normal life is disrupted. A fierce and reckless life journey brings misery in life. Frustration, dissatisfaction, instability in marital life increases. Unwanted troubles are a constant companion. Greed, lust, drinking, arbitrary sex and adultery. Infertility, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea / syphilis), diabetes. Excessive indulgence, arbitrariness leads to mental distortion. Genital diseases, numbness of limb, poor health and degenerative diseases are prevalent. Sexually transmitted diseases, conspiracy and hostility by the opposite sex add to the danger and loss of life.

Shani (Saturn) =  If Saturn is bad in the birth chart or in the palm - stinginess, laziness, procastinations, depression and suicidal tendency increase, Lack of happiness, sorrow, debt, grief are constant. Makes arrogant towards religion, culture, social customs, becomes fierce, late success and delay in all the work, the communication of marriage is not seen to be mature. Dermatitis, complex skin disease and chronic disease of bones, teeth, and nerves. Jealousy, crookedness, anti-social ideology increases. Suffering from incurable diseases like cancer, injuries, fractures and painful diseases add to the loss of life.

Rahu = If Rahu is malefic at birth or on the palm - it causes disrepute, bad company, dementia, prematureness, running away from school or home, hostels, etc. Gambling, intoxication, slander, increases addiction. Greed, speculation, gives greedy mentality.Adultery, illicit love, romance, more orgasm, bodily relations and comforts bring disaster to life. Contaminated disease, wounds, bad skin diseases, diseases in hidden limbs. Increases interest in hooliganism, forcing and money looting, risky work. Get involved in the criminal world. Accidents, untimely deaths and loss of life.

Ketu = If Ketu is malefic at birth or on the palm - there is a lot of trouble, unnecessary expenses increases. Unnecessary delays in all work. You have to get involved in lawsuits. Different kinds of problems come down in life due to kinship, kinship disputes and secret enemies. Excessive aloofness, judgment and purity leads to loss of health.  Engaged in sabotage, secret plots and conspiracies. There are complex and chronic diseases in the lower part of the body. Killings, abductions and captives by secret enemies add to the loss of life. Unwanted troubles, obstacles and failures are always the companions in life.

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