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Why TIME is So Essential in Astrology ?


Why TIME is So Essential in Astrology ?

( Dedicated to My Guru MANAJ BHARADWAJ )

Time is Endless and Continuous Flow Of Endless Cycles or Waves. Time is Omnipotent, Omniscient  and Omnipresent. But our LIFE is Short and Defined in Short Time Farme (Max 120 yrs).  For our own Convenience of daily mundane Activities of life, it is divided in simple and easy Units, Such as Day, Week, Month, Year, Century, Millennium or Maha Yuga Etc. It has a Beginning and an obvious End. In Reality time is Very Mysterious. In Hindu Mythology Time is Allegorically defined and Given The name Of MAHA-KAALA or KAAL-PURUSHA.

In Astrology this is Depicted as the Zodiac Or Rashi Chakra. It simply Means "Wheels of Time". When We Cast A Natal Chart or Rashichakra of a person, it just Reveals HIS/HER Karmic Episodes of various Phases of  Life. Therefore, Astrology is Always Considered by our Great Sages & Rishis As The "Eye" of Four Vedas. 
Time is Very Essential Element of Hindu Astrology and All Activities. As the different Season Produces different kinds of Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Plants, Shrubs, Sprouts, Roots, Breeds, Spices of Different Smell, Taste, Colour, Shape, Size, etc Similarly Time Causes Great Differences In a Person's Personality, Character, Taste,Talent, Culture, Credentials, Attitude, Aptitude, Approach etc. Time causes a person's Overal Quality and produces a Unique Individual Human Being. Time is the sole cause of Everything. Time makes and Breaks but never Waites for A moment. Time is also A Great Healer of Wounds and Teacher of Life. Make time as your Friend. Always keep in mind that We can not change Time but We can Follow the favourable Course of TIME.  

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Prof. Rishabh Shastri

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