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By The Great Sage VARAHA MIHIRA 


Chapter 18  Rasisiladhyaya     

(Results Of Planets In The Various Signs)

By The Great Sage VARAHA MIHIRA 

Stanza 1:

When the Sun is not in his deep exaltation in Aries, the person will become famous, clever, traveller, possessed of little wealth and bearer of arms. When the Sun is in Taurus, the person will sell scents and clothes, hate females and be clever in drumming and music.

Stanza 2:

When the Sun is in Gemini, the native becomes educated, astrologer and wealthy. In Cancer, he makes the native angry, poor, doing other’s work, and suffer from fatigue in traveling and other cares, In Leo, the Sun makes one love the forests, mountains and cattle, courageous and dull. When the Sun is in Virgo, the person becomes skilful in writing, painting, poetry, philosophy and mathematics, and possess a feminine body.

Stanza 3:

When the Sun occupies Libra, he makes the man a toddy-seller, drunkard, traveller, goldsmith and mean. When the Sun is in Scorpio, he makes the man cruel, adventurous and rash, making profits by sales of poisonous substances, losing wealth by robbers, and skilled in military weapons, and destroyer. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the person will be respected, rich, angry, doctor and artisan. When the Sun in  Capricorn, the person will be mean, ignorant, seller of low articles, little wealth, covetuous and enjoying at other’s cost.

Stanza 4:

The Sun in Aquarius makes a man mean, separated from children and wealth, and poor, The Sun in Pisces causes wealth through articles found in water and fondled by women. When the Sun and the Moon are combined in a rasi, marks or moles in the organ which is governed by Kalapurusha, are found.

Stanza 5:

Mars and Aries and Scorpio – Respected by kings, traveller, commander, merchant, rich, cut or scarred body, thief, running through various sense pleasures or objects.

Mars in Taurus and Libra – Submissive to women, ungrateful friend, fond of other’s wives, cheat, fop, timid and unsocial.

Stanza 6:

Mars in Gemini and Virgo – Jealous, sons,, friendless, grateful, clever in music and martial work, miserly, undaunted and mendicant.

Mars in Cancer – Rich, wealth procured through ships or through traveling, intelligent, wanting in organs and cruel.

Stanza 7:

Mars in Leo – Poor, enduring, traveling in forests, few children and wife.

Mars in Sagittarius and Pisces – Many enemies, minister, renowned, courageous and few children.

Mars in Aquarius – Sorrowful, poor, traveller, untrughful and irritable.

Mars in Capricorn – Much wealth and many children, and king or his equal.

Stanza 8:

Mercury in Aries and Scorpio – Fond of gambling, borrowing and drinking, atheist, thief, poor, bad wife, cheating and untruthful.

Stanza 9:

Mercury in Taurus and Libra – Fond of getting instructors, children, wives and wealth, liberal, and respectful to elders. Mercury in Gemini – Liar, skilled in arts and sciences, polite speeches, and fond of happiness. Mercury in Cancer – Wealth through water, and hateful to his relations.

Stanza 10:

Mercury in Leo – Hateful to women, without wealth, happiness and children, traveller, stupid, fond of women, and disgraced by his own community.

Mercury in Virgo – Liberal, learned, many noble qualities happy, patient, expedient or resourceful and intrepid.

Stanza 11:

Mercury in Capricorn and Aquarius – Engaged in other’s work, poor, not fond of arts, debtor, carrying out other orders.

Mercury is Sagittarius – respected by king, learned, timely speech.

Mercury in Pisces – Winning over servants to his side, and mean artist.

Stanza 12:

Jupiter in Aries and Scorpio – Commander, possessed of large family, children and wealth, liberal and good servants, forgiving, handsome, good wife and famous. Jupiter in Taurus and Libra – Healthy, possessed of happiness, friends, wealth and children, liberal and popular.Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo – Surrounded by worldly paraphernalia or titles, children and friends, minister, consul and happy

Stanza 13:

Jupiter in Cancer – Possessed of great wealth and gems, children, wife, enjoyment, intelligence and happiness. Jupiter in Leo – Commander and all the results indicated above in Cancer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Pisces – Kind or minister or commander or wealthy.

Jupiter in  Kumbha or Aquarius will produce the results ascribed to him n Cancer. Jupiter in Capricorn – Mean, poor and unhappy.

Stanza 14:

Venus in Aries and Scorpio – Fond of other women, losing money through their flattery and hater of his race.

Venus in Taurus and Libra – Self-acquired property, respected by rulers, leader of his men, renowned and courageous.

Stanza 15:

Venus in Gemini – Doing ruler’s work or service, wealthy and learned.

Venus in Virgo – Doing very mean acts. Venus in Capricorn and Aquarius – Popular slave to women, and intercourse with bad women.

Stanza 16:

Venus in Cancer – Gives two wives, mendicant, timid, full of sexual passion and sorrow through it.

Venus in Leo – Getting wealth through a woman, handsome wife and few children.

Venus in Sagittarius – Adorned with many good qualities and rich.

Venus in Pisces –Learned, wealthy, respected by rulers and very popular.

Stanza 17:

Saturn in Aries – Ignorant, itinerant, cheat and friendless.

Saturn in Scorpio – Imprisonment, whipping, capricious and merciless.


Saturn in Gemini and Virgo – Childless, poor, shameless, unhappy, not knowing painting, protective office and chief man. (One reading is skilled in painting. Another reading says he will be Rakshasapathi or lord of Rakshasas or evil genii).

Stanza 18:

Saturn in Taurus – Connections with prohibited and low caste women, ordinary wealth and many wives.

Saturn in Libra – Famous, respected by communities, towns, army and village, wealthy.

Saturn in Cancer – Poor, loose teeth, motherless, childless and ignorant.

Saturn in Leo – bad, childless and unhappy, carrying loads.

Stanza 19:

Saturn in Sagittarius and Pisces – Good death or happy in the end, confident with princes or rulers, good children, wife and wealth, commander of towns, armies and villages.

Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius – Getting other’s women, wealth and other’s houses, chief of towns, villages and army, short sighted, dirty, permanent wealth, general prosperity and enjoying.

Stanza 20:

The results which have been stated for the presence of the Moon in each rasi, and the results of aspects of Moon by other planets in the different signs will have to be applied for lagna. The prosperity and adversity of each bhava must be predicted by the strength of the bhava and its lord.


Chapter 19   Drishti phaladhyaya


(Results Of Planetary Aspects)


Stanza 1:

When the Moon is in Aries aspected by Mars, etc., the person becomes a king, philosopher, equal to a ruler, virtuous, thief and poor, respectively. When the Moon is in Taurus aspected by Mars, etc., the person becomes poor, thief respected by people, ruler, wealthy and servant respectively. When the Moon is in Gemini aspected by Mars, etc., the person will be a seller of weapons, ruler, learned, courageous, weak and poor respectively. When the Moon is in Cancer aspected by Mars, etc., the person will be a warrior, poet, learned, ruler, living by weapons and have eye complaints respectively.


Stanza 2:

If the Moon is in Leo aspected by Mercury, etc., the person will become learned in astrology, chief or lord, Raja, barber, ruler and thief respectively.


If the Moon is in Virgo aspected by Mercury, etc., the man becomes a ruler, commander, dexterous and aspected by malefics the person lives as a dependent upon women respectively.


If the Moon is in Libra aspected by Mercury, etc., he becomes a ruler, goldsmith, merchant and by the evil planets killer of animals respectively.

When the Moon is in Scorpio aspected by Mars, etc., the person becomes father of twin, polite, washerman, defective in organs, poor and ruler respectively.

Stanza 3:

If the Moon is in Sagittarius aspected by Mercury, etc., the person will protect relations, be a king, master of many, aspected by malefics the person will be showy or dissimulator, inattentive to other’s interests respectively.


If the Moon is in Capricorn aspected by Mercury, etc., the person becomes king of kings, Raja, pandit, wealthy, and poor respectively.

If the Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Mercury etc., he becomes a Raja, equal to a ruler, fond of other’s wives and aspected by other planets he will be fond of other’s wives respectively.


If the Moon is in Pisces aspected by Mercury, etc., the person will be a jester, Raja, pandit and aspected by malefics becomes sinful.

Stanza 4:

If the other planets occupy the same horas as the Moon and aspect him the results will be beneficial. When the lord of the drekkana occupied by the Moon aspects him the results are favourable. If the  Moon is aspected by planets in friendly houses, it is good. The results which have been stated above for each of the houses of the zodiac by the occupation of the Moon and the aspecting of other planets will also be similar when the Moon occupies the Dwadasamsa of those planets. Hereafter the aspects of the Sun, etc., in the navamsas, and the Moon in the navamsas will be detailed.

Stanza 5:

When the Moon is in the navamsas of Aries or Scorpio aspected by the Sun, etc., the person will be a ruler or chief of a town, fond of killing, clever in wrestling, king, wealthy and quarrelsome, respectively. When the Moon is in the navamsa of Taurus or Libra aspected by the Sun, etc., he will be obstinate, fond of other’s wives, good poet and happy respectively.

Stanza 6:

Moon occupying the navamsa of Gemini and Virgo, aspected by the Sun, etc., makes the man a stage wrestler, thief, poet, minister, musician and skilful in painting and arts respectively. When the Moon is in his navamsa aspected by the Sun, etc., the person will be lean, miserly or poor, saint, chief, brought up by females and fond of work respectively.

Stanza 7:

Moon in the navamsa of Leo, aspected by the Sun, etc., makes a man angry, protégé of a king, get treasure trove, brooking no opposition in command, childless and fond of cruel deeds respectively. If the Moon is in the navamsas of Sagittarius or Pisces, aspected by the Sun, etc., the person becomes well known for strength, clever in arranging armies in a battle, jester or humourist, minister, impotent and righteous respectively.

Stanza 8:

If the Moon occupies the navamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius aspected by the Sun, etc., the person has few issues, miserly while wealthy, pride, fondness for his own sectarian deeds, fondness for bad women and miserly habits respectively and when the Sun is aspected by the Moon, etc., similar results must be predicted.

Stanza 9:

The results which have now been detailed above for the Moon will be full, moderate and meagre as Chandra is in Vargottama, his own house or other houses. If the results are bad the above should be reversed. If the lord of the Amsa is powerful he will give his Amsaphala in preference to any phala which may be indicated by aspects in the rasi diagram.


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