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By Prof. Rishabh Shastri


By Prof. RISHABH SHASTRI                  


Astro-Vastu Tips For “Home-Office”

Due to COVID-19/LOCK DOWN  If you are forced to work from home or planning to set up your Home-Office, then follow this Astro-Vastu Guide lines for better success and results. 

1. Set up your Home-Office in the West or South-West section of the house. It is conducive to business and a stable career and this direction wil help you make the best business decisions. 

2. Colour your Home-Office in order to ensure a balanced work environment. The best colours for your home office include–“Cream, Light Yellow, Light Green, or Light Gold”. Remember,”A neutral colour like cream will help you to increase engagement and respect in your work. A Light Yellow will ensure good health. Light Green balances the Mind, Body and Soul and attracts positive energy. Light Gold ensures productivity and profits”.

Always Avoid using Black or Blue Colours while setting up your home office. Black represents negativity and has the power to attract Negetive energy. Blue is not suited for entrepreneurs. It represents water element, which can destabilise your emotions. It could also lead to medical issues.

 3. Check & Take care of your working Furnture. The working chair should be Comfortable, Strong and Spacious enough to cover the head of the person sitting on it, as it represents supporting life.

4. Place “The Work-Desk” in the South-West direction, while working your sitting position should be in the North-East direction without any obstruction of a Door, Window or Balcony behind the work place. This ensures less stress while increase better concentration.

5. Drawers and Wardrobes containing important documents should be placed in the West or South-West section of the house to ensure it open up in the North, East or North-East direction. Place “A White Crystal” inside your drawer to attract and multiply wealth.

7. Discard unwanted papers, pens, pins, clips and Stationaries to avoid stagnation and bad luck.

8. Always have a small globe placed on the northwest side of your work desk to attract international work opportunities,

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