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Bamboo & Flutes For Safety & Protection

By Prof. Rishabh Shastri   


 Bamboo & Flutes For Safety & Protection

By Prof. Rishabh Shastri   

Consultant- Astro-Vastu-Tarot-Palm-Numerol-Gem-Therapist

As per Feng Shui principle “Bamboo Flute” Represents Air Elements, Rhythm and Harmony. A Bamboo  Flute  Symbolizes  Strength & Sturdiness, Protection, Safety, Peace and Stability. Along with mirrors and wind chimes, Bamboo & Flutes are the most common Feng Shui remedies.

Here Are A Few Tips For You.

  1. A bamboo plant placed on your desk will activate the section of the Ba Gua in which it resides.
  2. Hollow and with multiple segments, bamboo shoots symbolically lift the chi up through their flutes. They can be used as solutions for: exposed ceiling beams slanted ceilings that create a sense of stress and oppression
  3. Hanging two bamboo flutes with red ribbons tied around them at a 45 degree angle with the mouth piece at the top, slanting inwards, directly hanging below a beam raises the energy in the space. The shape mimics the upper portion of the octagonal Ba Gua, representing good fortune.
  1. Flutes that resemble swords are used to ward off negative chi and evil spirits. Hang them above a door at a 45o angle to help guard against theft or home attacks.

Just follow the above given simple Feng-Shui Tips.

I am sure that you can definitely feel a great and positive change in your life.

Thanks for Reading this short Article

Jay Maa Tara

Sarvesang Mangalam Bhavatu


Consultant - Astro-Vastu-Tarot-Palm-Numero-Gemlogist



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