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ASTRO–INSIGHT---04 ( Astro-Insight For Health and Well Being)

By Prof. Rishabh Shastri



By Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Consultant Astro-Vastu -Tarot-Palm-Numero-GemTherapist 

Astro-Insight For Health and Well Being

  1. If anyone in your family frequently comes down with sickness, then donate a full size  ripe  and hollow yellow pumpkin to any religious place or temple in the day time. Everyone in your family will start to feel better within three days.  
  2.  If you frequently suffer from stress or headache or unknown fatigue, then I advise you to put a glass of water somewhere near your head before you sleep. In the next morning, you should not drink the water, but instead pour it out at the base of any holy tree. All your worries will vanish within a few days.   
  3. If anyone in your family constantly feeling that He or She is being watched by a death person or a departed soul or having bad dreams of departed soul, then giving a black dog the first bites of your own food will keep away all evills from your family and the ghost will disappear in three days.
  4.  If you frequently feel lonely, depressed & disheartened,  and you want to overcome it; then Wading through the knee deep logged water or wading through in river water or getting wet in the rain will help you to overcome magically.
  5. Dropping copper coins on the ground where the dead are buried or cremated ensures that the souls will never hurt you or cause you any ill effects or bad luck when you pass through that area.
  6.  Wear A “Copper BANGLE” or An “Copper ARMLET” on the right Wrist or on the Upper Arm to strengthen your immunity, vitality, natural energy & will power to reduce unknown fears from your mind.   

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