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By The Great Sage Acharya Varah Mihira

Chapter ---- 5  Janma Kala Lakshana          

Stanza 1:

If birth sign is unaspected by the Moon, father will be absent at the time of birth. If the Sun occupies a movable sign (pathitha) from the 10th, the father will be away in a foreign country at the time of  birth of child.

Stanza 2:

If Saturn occupies lagna or if Mars is in the 7th or if the Moon is between Mercury and Venus, the father will be absent at the birth of the child.

Stanza 3:

If the Moon occupies Mars drekkana and benefics are in the 2nd and 11th houses, predict a serpent’s birth. If an evil sign falls in Kuja’s drekkana and has benefics in the 2nd and the 11th, the child will be bound by a serpent-like bandage.

Stanza 4:

If the Sun occupies a quadruped sign and if other powerful planets occupy common signs, twins will be born covered with a common hood.

Stanza 5:

If Mesha, Simha or Vrishabha falls as lagna, occupies by Shani or Kuja, the child will be born with a cowl or cord in that organ which is represented by the rising navamsa.

Stanza 6:

If Jupiter does not aspect birth and Moon, or if he does not aspect the Sun, in conjunction with the Moon, if the Moon with a malefic combines with the Sun then say certainly the child is born to another person or of adultery.

Stanza 7:

If malefics occupy the signs of cruel planets and are in the 7th, 9th or 5th from the Sun, the father will be imprisoned when the child is born. The sign occupied by the Sun determines the locality of his bondage.

Stanza 8:

If Full Moon is in cancer, if Mercury is in lagna and benefics are in the 4th, the delivery takes place in a boat or steamer, or in a sea voyage. If birth is watery with the Moon in the 7th the same result happens.

Stanza 9:

If birth falls in a watery sign as also the Moon, the delivery will be close to water. If lagna (a watery sign) has Full Moon’s aspect the same result happens. If, for such lagna, the Moon is there or in the 5th or 10th then similar results happen.

Stanza 10:

If Saturn occupies the 12th, and a malefic aspects the Moon, the woman delivers the child when in bondage or jail. If Saturn is in Scorpio or Cancer one of which is the birth aspected by the Moon, the delivery takes place in a hole or hollow or pit.

Stanza 11:

If birth is watery with Saturn in it, aspected by Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, the birth takes place in playgrounds, temples and uncultivated fields, respectively.

Stanza 12:

If birth with Shani falls in a Nara Rashiaspected by Kuja the birth happens in a grave-yard; aspected by Shukra and Chandra  in pleasant places; aspected by Guru in sacrificial places; aspected by Ravi in royal mansions, cowsheds, or temple premises; aspected by Budha in libraries, art colleges or carpenters’ premises.

Stanza 13:

Place of birth happens to be according to the nature of the rashiand navamsa, either at home or outside. The birth place should be determined according to the strength of the lagna either in rashi or navamsa.

Stanza 14:

If the Moon or the Sun is in the 9th or 5th from Saturn and Mars, the child will be forsaken by its mother. If in that combination Jupiter aspects it, the child lives long and prospers although forsaken by its mother.

Stanza 15:

If the Moon is in birth aspected by a malefic and has Mars in the 7th the forsaken baby will perish. If in this combination Mars and Saturn are in the 11th, the child dies, if aspected by a benefic, the child gets protection by such a caste man as is indicated by the benefic; if aspected by malefics, the child falls to different hands and dies.

Stanza 16:

The birth takes place in the house of the father or mother according to the strength of their lords. If benefics occupy debilitated places, birth will be under trees, roads, etc. If benefics occupy neecha and if the Moon and birth are unaspected by other planets occupying one house, the birth occurs in lonely places.

Stanza 17:

If Moon joins Saturn’s amsa or is in the 4th or has aspect of Saturn or occupies watery signs or conjoins with Saturn, then birth takes place in darkness. If there are three or more debilitated planets, birth takes place on the ground. The birth takes place similar to the rashi which rises on a level with the equator. If malefics occupy the 4th or 7th from Moon or join Moon, the delivery is attended with much pain.

Stanza 18:

The quantity of oil by Moon, the wick by the birth sign and the light by Sun, the door by the planets in quadrants or by the most powerful of the planets must be ascertained.

Stanza 19:

If Saturn is the strongest, the house will be one newly repaired having become old; if Mars is so, it’s partly burnt; if Moon, new; if the Sun, the house contains much wood; and if Mercury, built by many artists; if Venus, handsome, painted and new; if Jupiter, strong house; the adjoining houses must be indicated similarly by the planets in the rashis.

Stanza 20:

If birth falls in Mesha, Karkat, Tula, Vrischika and Kumbha, or in these navamsa the delivery will be in the eastern part of the house. If the birth falls in Guru’s or Budha’s houses or amsas the delivery happens in the northern part of the house. If it falls in Vrishabha or its amsa the birth takes place in the west and if it falls in Makara or Simha or their navamsas the birth place will be in the southern side.

Stanza 21:

The cardinal direction of the lying down must be indicated by two signs from Mesha etc., and the corners by the double-bodied signs. Similarly, It must be ascertained for the direction of the bed, etc. The legs of the cost or the sides of the bed must be ascertained by the 6th, 3rd, 9th and 12th houses from lagna.

Stanza 22:

The number of women to assist the delivery must be determined by the number of planets between the Moon and the lagna. Their presence inside or outside the delivery room has to be learnt by the planets in the invisible and the visible half of the zodiac respectively. Some say quite the reverse.

Stanza 23:

The body of the child will resemble the planet who is the lord of the navamsa or who is the most powerful. The color of the infant will resemble that of the lord of the navamsa occupied by the Moon. Taking the lagna as head, etc., the limbs resemble the rashis in which they fall.

Stanza 24:

If the first drekkana rises in the lagna; by the Drisya and Adrisya halves of the zodiac, left and right sides of head, eyes, ears, nose, temples, cheeks and face must be determined from the lagna respectively. If the second drekkana rises in the lagna, neck, shoulders, arms, sides, chest, belly and navel should be similarly determined. If the third drekkana rises in the lagna, lower stomach, sexual organ and anus, testicles, thighs, knees, calves and feet must be similarly delineated.  

Stanza 25:

If those rashis are occupied by the malefics there will be sores or wounds, if these are occupied or aspected by benefics there will be marks; if such planets causing sores, etc.-are in their won rashis or navamsas or in fixed signs or navamsas, the sores,etc., will accompany birth, if not they come by accidents after birth. If such a planet is Saturn the wounds will be caused by stones and windy diseases; if Mars by fire, weapons and poisons; if Mercury by the earth or the ground; if the Sun by wood or quadrupeds; if the Moon by horned animals or aquatics; if they are other planets then there will be no wounds.

Stanza 26:

If Mercury joins three other planets in any rashi he will cause wounds in that organ which is governed by it. If an evil planet is in the 6th from birth, there will be wound in that organ represented by that rashi. If such a malefic has beneficial aspect then there will be Tilaka, Masaka, etc., there. If benefics join him there will be Lakshana, etc.


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