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As A Man Thinketh -A Synopsys For Joyous Reading

By James Allen


By Prof. Rishabh Shastri

Different Colours Can Affect Our Mood. But Do You Know That They Also Have A Physical and Spiritual Affect On Us ?

Colours have their own unique energy, Meaning, Vibrations and by Intentionally Surrounding Yourself With Them, You Can Tap Into Their Energy and Use them To Boost and Impact Your Own Life.

Check out the effects of colours and their impacts. So you can make the most and Use Their Positive Energy.

1. RED = Use Red to stay grounded and energized. Red is connected to your physical welfare and will keep you focused on leading a healthy life.

2. ORANGE = Orange acts as an Anti-depressant and can help you stay hopeful during difficult times. Wear orange to keep yourself motivated and on the right track.

3. YELLOW = Yellow can keep you grounded mentally and help you understand new information. It also aids your concentration and self-confidence.

4. GREEN = Green’s energy can heal and calm you. Surround yourself with this color during periods of spiritual growth or when you have to make tough decisions about loved ones.

5. BLUE = Wear blue to quiet your mind and work on your sense of inner peace. Blue can also help you learn to trust your decision-making.

6. INDIGO = Surround yourself with indigo can give you discipline and clarity. Indigo is also linked to your spiritual eye, your ability to intuitively understand things.

7. VIOLET = Violet gives you inner strength and can inspire pure thoughts and creativity. It’s also linked to intuition and empathy.

In your daily life, use these colours conciously and intentionally to bring their different energies into your life.

Thanks For Reading

Jay Maa Tara

Sarvesang Mangalam Bhavatu

Prof. Rishabh Shastri