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One of the most awefull Vastu hazards of modern times is Geopathic Stress, which makes a vastu stressfull, accident prone, sick, unhealthy and haunted for the dwellers, neighbours and others related with it. Geopathic stress also creates harmful effects on the people, plants, pets, neighbours and others reletated with that particular vastu. Unseen and Unexplained Geopathic Stress causes difficulty, disharmony of energy flow, mental disorder and promotes Sickness or Suffernings of the dwellers.

The word “Geopathy” is a Greek word which has come from the Greek Root ‘Geo’, means ‘Earth’, and ‘Pathos’ means ‘Disease’, Sickness or Suffernings. In other word, it is the Sickness bad or ill health of the Earth Energy of Vastu and its surrounding area. It secretly emits bad or ill effects on vastu and disrupts internal positive energy flow of vastu which comes from the earth at certain points of a Vastu (Plot, site, land, and other objects of the Adjacent Area).

The first research and study on GeoPathic Stress was started in 1920 by “Winner & Melser” in Germany. Initially, it was thought that inadequate ventilation, improper Air-conditioning, too much use of metalic materials and bad air quality were responsible for illness. But even after rectification of all these defects of a vastu, it was found that the problems still continued. There was no further improvement and still there was stagnant imbalance in the existing energy field of the vastu. Several studies and researches carried out in sevaral sick buildings of the world. Finally, GeoPathic stress has been accepted as an unexplained phenomenon of such Sickness or Suffering of Vastu. This new findings gradually gained acceptance all over the world, and now GeoPathic stress is considered to be one of the most dangerous deffects and hazards of Vastu.

GeoPathic stress (Malefic earth energy) comes from several sources like the Earth’s magnetic field, radiation, electro-magnatic field of heavy electronic machines, forces created due to movement of plates inside earth, flow of underground streams, gases, heats, pressure etc. So, geopathic stress can occur in any vastu. Irrespective of its source, it will affect all human beings as well as all plants, animals and neighbours of the surroundings Vastu.

At present, the danger of Geopathic stress has increased tremendously due to too much use of Electro-Magnatic Gadgets & Equipments, Nuclear and Thermal plants, blasting for minerals, metal ore, coals and digging for oil under the earth, cracks due to volcanic erruptions, etc. Unfortunately, there is no such reliable device or tools to measure the GeoPathic stress of a Vastu plot and one has to depend on personal experience and consult a Vastu Expert.

When to Suspect GeoPathic Stress in Vastu?

If you are frequently facing any kind of mental or physiacal problem, hazards, unknown suffering or sickness, continuous bad health or any other kind of misfortunes or mishaps in your family or family members, without any normal reason or cause, then you must check your vastu. As it can be under the bad effects of Geopathic stress.

How To Find GeoPathic Stress In Your Vastu ?

1. When you enter in any vastu just remember or recall “How do you Feel”, If there is unnecessarry sweating, uneasyness, nervousness, palpitation or increase in heart beats or blood preasure after spending some time in a building, and if everything returns to normal and you feel relaxed once you come out from the building.

2. A damp smell comes out from any part of the building without any evidence of dampness. If any part of the floor feels cold compared with the rest of the building.

3. A) If cats frequently come to the building to stay there.

B) If bees, Wasp or Hornet come to the house and start a hive In the building.

C) If ants or termites make a home in the building.

D) Small children frequently cry, wet bed or get paniced.

E) Abnormal growth in the body of any family members.

4. Crying, Howling or Barking of Domestic animals or other abnormal behaviour of domestic Cats, Cattles, Dogs, Pets, Birds etc, or Other nocturnal animals Crying, Howling, Barking at night without any reason. Specially, looking in a particular direction at South or South-West.

5. Frequent accidents occurred in a particular bathroom, stairs, etc. Even if the accident takes place in different rooms which is uncommon, you may suspect GeoPathic stress effects in the Vastu. Kindly, remember that continuous effects of GeoPathic stress can cause an accident even outside the home.


There are so many popular device, tools and Vastu items available in the markets for the remedy of Geopathic Stress, but they are very costly for common people. More over, I am not much sure how much they really work for geopathic stress. So here, I do not suggest you any such costly remedies. But from my perosnal experience, I suggest you some easy, simple means and method to prevent Geopathic Stress. These are cheap, easy to collect and easy to use. If you wish, you can use other devices and tools at your own risk or by consulting a Vastu expert. They are given bellow.

1. First of all clear the corner of each room. Check any general vastu deffects if present in the Vastu, then remove all unwanted metilac objects and instruments. Use wooden floor, cover all walls with wooden panel, and use wooden furniture as they are non-conductor of geopathic stress and all kind of negetive energies and forces.

2. Do not keep any electro-magnatic or radio-active equipment in the bed room while sleeping at night.

3. Use Copper or Brass Rod in the particular Geopathic stress proned rooms, place or part of the Vastu.

4. Keep and use Multi-Facet crystals and standard sized Pryamid in each and every room.

5. Use common wind-chime or Musical systems. Always play continuous light instrumental music, Vedic chants or Hymns. Keep on Humming sweetly while working inside the room.

6. Keep several earthen flower pots (Big Size) full of water in each room and replace the water every morning with fresh water.

7. Burn Camphors every day; Specially in the evening. Never sleep in darkness, use low power green lamps at night while sleeping in bed. (Photo Courtesy – WIKIPEDIA)

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Prof. RISHABH SHASTRI